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ZION HAS MANY NAMES (From Myth, Legend and Culture)

From Myth, Legend and Culture
(Compiled by: Jesus of Zion)
The following list is a continuous project and contains many names which may (or may not) be relevant concerning the biblical concept of Zion. Many hours of research have gone into composing this list and there are very likely some which could be added and others that could easily be omitted.
The idea was primarily to look through thousands of documented ideas, legends , stories, myths and cultural ideas to support the contention that Zion is currently located “within the planet Earth” and is a place of goodness and safety which the Lord God YHWH intends to use as a refuge for man at a future date.
The reader is invited to use their own research and apply their own knowledge to decide which have merit and which do not but just as there are many legends concerning a flood and in each the name of the “hero” and the details may change what should be noted overall is this pervasive question: With so many stories regarding some type of wonderful and mystical underground kingdom should it not be assumed that perhaps something indeed exists?
Where possible a spiritual and/or cultural reference given in parenthesis. The list is in no particular order.
1) Zion (Hebrew/Christian)
2) New Jerusalem (Hebrew/Christian)
3) Temple of YHWH/God (Hebrew/Christian)
4) House of YHWH/God (Hebrew/Christian)
5) Hades/Sheol (Hebrew/Christian/Greek)
6)Paradise (multi-faith)
7)Underworld (Multi-faith/Native American/Aztec/Mayan)
8) Shambhala (Eastern/Hindu)
9) Meru (Hindu)
10) Saptarshi “Place of 7 Rishi’s” (Hindu)
11) “7-gated” Nippor (Ur/Chaldian)
12) Hyperboria (Greek)
13) Agharti (Celt)
14) Avalon (Celt)
15) Annwn (Celt)
16) Chicomoztoc (Meso-American)
17) Eldorado (Meso-American/ Spanish)
18) Tartarus (Greek)
19) Ithaka (Greek)
20) Bear’s Tipi (Native American)
21) Place of Birth (Native American)
22) Lodge of the Dawn (Native American)
23) Cave of Treasures (Hebrew/Native American)
24) Arcadia (Celt)
25) Holy Mountain/Place (Many Cultures/Native American)
26) Sacred “Secret” Places of the Lion (Multi-cultural)
27) Vessel of God (Hebrew)
28) Qianfutong “Cave of the 1000 Buddhas” (Buddhist)
29) Temple of Enoch (Hebrew/ Enochian)
30) Telaga Tujuh “7 Wells” (Pacific Island Tribal)
31) Kivas “Caves of the Underworld” (Hopi)
32) Eurodise (Greek)
33) Agartha (Buddhist/Tibet)
34) Shangra-La (Buddhist)
35) Thule
36) Arktos
37) Valhalla
38) King Soloman’s Mines
39) Shingwa (Chinese Buddhist)
40) Imperishable Sacred Land (India/Hindi)
41) Forbidden Land (Hindi)
42) Land of White Waters (Hindi)
43) Land of Radiant Spirits (Hindi)
44) Land of Living Fire (Hindi)
45) Land of Living Gods (Hindi)
46) Land of Wonders (Hindi)
47) Aryavarsha (Hindi)
48) Hsi Tien (Buddhist/China)
49) Western Paradise
50) Hsiwang Mu (Buddhist)
51) Royal Mother of the West
52) Belovedye (Russian)
53) Janaidar (Tribal)
54) Place of Peace
55) Land of Tranquility (Sanscrit)
56) Tebu Land (Chinese Taoist)
57) Luz (Hebrew)
58) Avestan (Iranian)
59) Cradleland
60) Agarti
61) Azatlan (Aztec)
62) 7 Cities of Gold
63) Chamat (Malaysian)
64) Patala (India)
65) Duat (Egyptian)
66) Fields of Peace
67) Elysian Fields (Greek)
68) Otherworld (Celt)
69) Abyss of Aker (Egyptian)
70) Land of the Dead (Celt)
71) Land of the Living (Celt)
72) Land of Many Colors (Celt)
73) Promised Land (Hebrew/Celt)
74) Delightful Plain (Celt)
75) Land of Youth (Celt)
76) Land of Eternal Summer (Celt)
77) Land Under the Wave (Celt)
78) Pleasant Land (Celt)
79) Holy Habitation of Zeus (Greek/Plato)
80) Wonderful Regions in the Earth (Greek)
81) Beautiful Eternal Kingdom
82) Deepest Hiding Places (Roman)
83) Midgard (Scadi-German)
84) Great Below (Legend of Gilgamesh)
NOTE: If you have found other names of “Underground Worlds or Kingdoms” legends, myths, etc… Please feel free to add them (By Comment) Below.

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