Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ALICE, CERN, TITAN.. At Midnight (west Coast U.S. Time) will we "fall though the Rabbit hole"?

Here is an interesting and entertaining video concerning the August 10th Experiment to be broadcast tonight at the official CERN site (see yesterdays blog for link).

What will we discover? Will it be worth the expense? Can the "God Particle" actually be located?.. Will we collapse the entire universe into a quantum black hole... Tune in to CERN and we will see.

Times will vary (in the U.S. CERN begins broadcasting from their site at Midnight West Coast time/ 3 A.M. east coast.

May God help us all if the calculations or theories turn out to have some unexpected side effects.

No matter what.. Fear Not! I seriously doubt that tonight is the end of the world for the world is not condemned to utter destruction.. but other than that? well, let us just see...


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