Tuesday, September 2, 2008

RFID - balanced assessment OR Industry propaganda.

WHAT?... Are you shocked by what the above advertisement is selling us? Sugar Water laden with Caffeine is "GOOD FOR BABIES????" ..


I think not ... but this is a REAL AD that once ran in major magazines and is a great example of PROPAGANDA.

But let's not debate this utter idiocy of this add and look at another industry that has a bad rep.. yet seeks to change your view through PROPAGANDA!

I subscribe to a the official RFID industry Journal (RFID JOURNAL)because I feel that the best way to view anything is to give "a fair and equal voice" to both sides of any issue and assess it based on a true balance rather than just listening to Propaganda from either side.. and indeed there are always two sides to any issue.

Even if we forget about the prophecies of Sacred texts I have still come to believe this technology is ultimately dangerous to Personal Privacy.. I arrived at this through a fair and balanced approach to studying the intent and strategies and not because of anything I was told to believe or not believe. I just don't wish to be tagged or numbered as an "animal" or "product".

Propaganda is defined as follows:

1) The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.
2) Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause: wartime propaganda.

Here are two stories from RFID JOURNAL, who indeed cannot convince me that they could possibly be fair and balanced as OBVIOUSLY the the magazine itself is bias toward viewing it as positive or the magazine would not even exist.


Accusations of Anti-RFID Bias Are Deserved
By Mark Roberti

At least one reader feels I've been unfair to bloggers and
journalists. While there are certainly some who cover radio
frequency identification objectively, the evidence suggests
most jump all over every negative news story about the

Full Story:

An Unscientific Article on RFID and Privacy
By Mark Roberti

A renowned U.S. magazine has published an article by a well-
known opponent of RFID that presents a one-sided view of the
privacy and security issues associated with RFID.

Full Story:

One last thing.

I noticed recently an advertisement for one unnamed RFID producing company under it's Careers available listed that it had an opening for "A P.R. Professional who was capable of helping to dispel the rumors and speculations that have made the industry seem threatening to personal privacy".

In essence, as I see this as a person holding a corporate marketing position within the casino Industry they are really seeking a "disinformationalist" in the same way I had been trained to teach people to write press releases that "inspired people to believe they really could win at a casino" even though most will NOT!

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