Friday, October 24, 2008

CHEMTRAILS: The "CON" of the new "Con"trails.

Look UP !!!!!
?? ???
huh ???? ???
UM ??????
What is going on ???????
Chess anyone??

So .....what is going on here?????

The documentary featured in today's blog (below) is produced by chem trail researcher Clifford Carnicom and is a must see and excellent research tool for those interested in the subject.

Five plus years went into the making of this video which provides ample evidence that the phenomenon known as "CHEMTRAILS" is not mere fantasy nor can it be easily written off as anything "normal".

CONtrails ("Condensation" trails) are ice crystals formed by water vapor from jet aircraft and last no longer than a few minutes before they dissipate and vanish.

CHEMtrails ("Chemical" trails), on the other hand, linger for a much longer period of time and form a haze and/or overcast that some call "fake clouds".

Although it is becoming increasingly more obvious that something odd is happening (at least to we who have been around and aware long enough to notice) as yet no agency, nation or government has come forward to explain this mystery.

Aerosol Crimes - 1st Edition

Please feel free to do your own research and come to your own concions and if you have as yet not noticed what is going on outside over your head... keep looking up.. In many areas of the world this is witnessed almost daily.

Just in the last 30 days here in the Portland, Oregon area I have seen at least 6+ major "incidents of heavy Chemtrail spraying" (one being so heavy the sky turned a yellow haze so thick that the moon seemed red and the horizon a smokey yellow.

GOOGLE "Chemtrails"



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Thess said...

um,, did you say, chess???

Dickee said...

Since I started noticing all the spraying being done, i realized i had to arm myself which means eating right. i find that eating an alkaline diet is the key to feeling good. no more itching and fatique. no more "foggy" days.:)