Monday, October 20, 2008

Is There such a thing as "PERFECT LOVE"?

It is Written in 1 John 4:17-18

17 In this love has been made perfect among us, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment, because as he is, even so are we in this world.

#18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has punishment. He who fears is not made perfect in love.

Two things humans have a great deal of difficulty understanding are “Love“ and “Perfection“ so it is completely understandable that “Perfect Love“ would be beyond the scope of most peoples imagination .

All people want “Love” and indeed, all people would love to experience “Perfection” so to have both of these would be about as close to heaven on earth as one could possibly imagine and although one day I believe we will all bask in this ideal…for now it is not obtainable in its fullness.

But wait, you say, The Bible verses seem to suggest that we can have it NOW… CAN’T WE?

Well, I suppose we can have moments where we can feel “Perfect Love” but we must first realize that although “general love” can be manufactured within each of us that “Perfect Love” can only be generated at this time by God… In fact, “Perfect Love” is the substance of God… Therefore, in a way of speaking, “Perfect Love” is actually referring to God Himself.

Now Fear is a “lack of faith“. It is generated internally when we have doubt or concern and so let us examine how “Perfect Love eliminates Fear”.

I guess we could simply restate it as “God eliminates Lack of Faith” and that makes perfect sense… but it still does not help us to make it real because it is just a formula about as vague as the first one.

The components are there BUT it still fails to tell us how to mix it to get our desired results.

Since we will eliminate fear when we gain “Perfect Love” we need to find a way to gain this Love or we will continue to live in fear.

Many people will try to claim that they can be fearless and not have a “God” be a part of their lives yet really they have not eliminated fear but merely made a conscious decision to place their “Faith” in something else (which sort of masks the fear).

Some will place their faith in others (big mistake… I have found most who do this get hurt badly later). Some place their faith in fate (still they cross their fingers that fate will go their way). Some place their faith in themselves ( Admirable and although we must all do this to some degree I am quite sure that most cannot come up to their own standards because no human is perfect… if they were they would not die).

The point of course is that each person has a “god”.

Oh you might call it by your own name… call it “fate”, “ego” or “Bob” if you like but you still have chosen some form that you worship or honor as the center. This becomes the “god” you place your faith in but most have to do with “self” and “self” never seems to care much for real Love.

“Self” looks for gratification.

“Self” serves “Self”.

Since the only way to experience “Love” is to be a “giver” of love the “self god” will only take one so far… In fact, the high divorce rate only shows how “imperfect love” based on “selfishness” only fails ultimately.

People who seek the True GOD do so because they realize that the “self” can only take us so far and that unless “self” has designed an afterlife (which is improbable) we need someplace to go where we can find “hope” or the whole idea of life on earth would be rather meaningless ultimately.

Love, likewise, can have no real meaning unless we can gain “hope” and “faith” in something…Thus in seeking “Perfect Love” we are really seeking “The God Who IS LOVE”.

Since I believe the codex name applicable to this God is YHWH I put my Love, Hope and Faith in Him.

Once I have aligned myself to the God of Perfect Love I teach that I (as can you) have access to this God and that those with such access are given the Power to become conduits of this Love.

Since no human being who worships the “self” can truly experience “Unselfish Love/ Perfect Love” without having access to the God that produces it… many think they are doing the “LOVE thing” and yet are simply feeling an emotion that masquerades as love but is not “Perfect”… Thus we see all the failed friendships and relationships because false love GENERATES FEAR.

Imperfect love creates fears and ideas such as : “I am not lovable”, “People hate me”, “I have to be or do something to get the love I WANT”, “Love doesn’t exist”, “Love is a joke”, “Guys/Girls Suck”, “There is no hope”, “There is no faith”, “Nobody cares”, “Life feels empty” etc. etc..

When I take the Love of God and give it to you it is from GOD (not me.. The human) and I give it to you like water passing through a hose. I am not the source of this LOVE… I am just passing it on from the “Tap” (Which is the God who makes it). When I do this I do it by “FAITH”, realizing that whatever anyone thinks of it I am giving it freely from the “Tap” and thus if people want to judge me concerning it WHAT FEAR SHOULD I HAVE???

Of course, if it doesn’t actually come from me but from God (Perfection) I am not responsible for what people think of it. I just need to make sure I don’t pollute it with my own “selfishness” (Which is done if I falsely claim it came from me or take any credit for it).

Now those of you asking “What’s in it for me?” are so far from the point that you need to go back and reread this until you GET IT!

To generate “Perfect Love” means I ask, nor expect a thing for being God’s conduit.

I desire nothing and I am even aware that those “getting wet” may actually come against me… but because it is “Perfect Love” it is a bit like magic… As it passes through me it blesses me. It eliminates ALL FEAR. It feeds me, cleans me and satisfies me. In fact, no matter how it is received by the end-user I am completely fine and happy.

Occasionally another person begins to figure out how to tap into it and we play in the water together… but it seems to satisfy me greater when I can water the dry places and bring “Perfect Love” to the places where it is needed.

“Perfect Love” is a water that can catch on fire… FIRE WATER IF YOU WILL!

Wherever it is received it eliminates Fear and washes the spirit while burning out the selfishness, anger, doubt and hatred.

Indeed, Perfect Love is found only in the God who is LOVE and when you find the God who is LOVE you find Faith and selflessness which makes all Fear go away.

Try it and you will feel a small piece of what I mean…

… some call it the “warm fuzzies”.

I call it joy of doing what I am supposed to do…

…BEing LOVE!

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