Sunday, October 12, 2008


My Friends,

First, thanks to all of you who have viewed and commented on my latest YouTube video (I include it again for those unfamiliar)..

I appreciate each and every one of you no matter what you believe or do not believe concerning the supposed UFO event to take place OCTOBER 14th (according to channeler Blossom Goodchild and The Galactic Federation of Light..

here is her latest update on Youtube:

Being as I have an internet radio show (WWJSNL on I thought I would change the date of this weeks program and offer a special "Day of event" show to discuss whatever occurs or does not.

WWJSNL will not be broadcasting tonight (our usual broadcasts are held Sundays at 7.p.m pac.) Due to this SPECIAL EVENT BROADCAST.

No matter what you believe you are welcome to join in TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14th, 2008 at 7 p.m. pacific/ 10 east at and give your ideas, opinions, thoughts or whatever.

I will also be attempting over the next few days to see if Goodchild would be willing to call in (or any of the Galactic Fed. members). I wish to keep this discussion as open and balanced as possible allowing each person to express themselves fully on this issue.

ALSO, This may sound odd, but IF there are actually any "Aliens" who would like to state their case and answer any questions I invite them to figure out a way to call in (I assume that would not be a problem for extraterrestrial beings of superior intellect and abilities).

So, what will OCTOBER 14th bring?.. Why not join us as we all find out!


P.S. NowLive is a free service but does require preregistration to participate on reader board discussions.


Anonymous said...

..."if such life on other worlds exists it is not for men to know this for man is basically following evil.. Why would I wish to corrupt another of my creations until man is made perfect .. Yet, likewise I am their God"....

And yet you post such an invitation....

Jesus of Zion said...

Yes, I recognize those words and believe them... however please don't too quickly misjudge my methodology used to get some of the UFO/Alien believers to attend this program.

I have never backed down from offering all sides a voice (Love can do no less).

Being as I believe it is now more likely nothing will happen there may be a crisis in the faith of those who believed in this womans ideas and this needs to be addressed.

During the show itself all sides will openly be discussed (as I have done with any guest who came on my show who I may have not been in full agreement with.. such as Jonathan Sharkey).

I must use the method I use here or the people I need there would not even give an ear. I DO NOT expect to actually hear from "aliens" and anything else I will recognize and deal with accordingly.

Thank you though for calling attention as I DO understand your point..I just feel you are misunderstanding my intent for why I phrased things as I did in the invite.. but those attending the show should hopefully see the ultimate point and the invitation was to appeal to those trapped in a belief system which should be questioned but I use only LOVE as a weapon and love does not cast judgement on people without a full hearing.

Some of the points of the message you quote from shall be included in the program but if I come off as what they would call a "hater" then those who need to hear shall never bother to visit and give an ear... right?.. please wait until after the program if you feel it nessesary to point out what you feel is in error... also in the future if you have a problem with me could you do so not as "anonymous" because to me that is like hiding to throw stones.

You Are Loved

P.S. If anything does arrive (which i doubt at this point) I do feel I need to address this/these beings on behalf of YHWH/God. What i would say at that time will come from YHWH and i cannot even prethink what i am to say.

Anonymous said...

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His Little Sister said...

As you request, so I reveal.

I only held up a mirror, you saw a stone. I pray you do not always see an enemy where there truly is none.

Whatever occurs, may God guide you tonight.

Jesus of Zion said...

We Kewl!.. but please make your communications more clear in the future so that the "intent" can be better established. I don't like anything that might appear as playing word games or "gotcha" type silliness.. I am a straight shooter and i expect the same of others who i seek to trust.

I feel your intent was basically good..but the way it was presented was not an honest mirror (since a true mirror adds no additional images (words) or thoughts which might be misconstued or accidentally taken in offense.

the words "And Yet" could be taken as being a challange or attempt to twist something... Sorry, i was a Communication Major in college so i am a bit of a stickler for proper communication.

Again, Thanks for commenting and we are fine...I am glad you came forward to clear this up.

I have no concerns or fears about tonight.. I just let God lead and I follow and all ultimately works together for the purpose I serve.