Monday, October 6, 2008


People often send me videos related to the subject of "Jesus" (gee, i wonder why?..LOL). They vary greatly in content. Some are serious theological documentaries, some are arguments, some are "wannabes", Some are just silly and some border on blasphemy.. but I actually enjoy the variety and even the most offensive ones don't really phase me.

Lately the trend has been "Jesus and Politics" and I am including a few here that people have sent or recommended from YouTube.

Frankly, I don't think one would find Jesus of Nazareth running for public office but i am sure he would be politically active as a "pundit" in today's world (and we do see some evidence of this in the Gospel tales).

Anyway, here are some videos i have received that I feel many of my readers might enjoy and please realize they are created by others and do not ness. reflect my own political opinions.. enjoy!

(Here is One my friend Auina made for me..BTW I AM NOT ACTUALLY RUNNING..LOL)


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