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What DREAMS may Come?

For today’s blog I’m going to play stupid…

…I am going to imagine I know absolutely nothing and am nothing more than a bystander because today I am going to discuss not what I know or believe per se’. Rather I am going to stand back and look at some things I have been hearing from other people.

It is written that in the End of Days many people would have dreams and visions, yet never does it clarify exactly what these would be about.

HOWEVER, in this blog I am going to reveal a secret project I have been working on because at numerous groups on Myspace and throughout the vastness of the Internet I have (over time and without prompting) begun looking for posts regarding dreams or visions…seeking to see if any common threads ran through them.


I would say I am amazed…

…but I actually expected exactly what I found… I assume most of you who read this have not taken the time to collect and analyze these visions.

Now I was not looking for the ones about purple people eaters eating Jell-O out of your belly button. Um, you can have that one back…

…No, what I was (and am) looking for were (and are) the deep and perplexing ones that people were mentioning as being reoccurring and compelling enough to have to write down.

Let me begin with just a few examples…

…Realize these come from multiple sources and various faiths so this is not just because one faith has some myth they are perpetuating.. Just read them and take a look at the common elements.. Because I feel they are not only interesting but perhaps VITAL to what is soon to come.

Here are a few examples (There are hundreds I could pull from which contain the similar elements):

...I woke up at my house than I went outside. I noticed two people across the road from my house looking at the sky. I was wondering what they were looking at so I looked at the sky too. When i looked up, i seen the moon and thousands differently sized moons and planets. Everywhere i looked around in the sky, there seemed to be more moons and planets popping out. Then i looked straight at the sun and it was shining brightly. I was amazed that i was able to look at the sun with out squinting my eyes and i didn't go blind. After i looked at the sun, i went in the back of my house where there use to be fields that we used for hay. Then, out of the sky i comet like object fell to the earth. Right in that field i just told you about. All i seen was the smoke it left before it hit the ground. Suddenly, i heard a man's voice talking to me, I didn't see him but i heard him. He said that the comet like object fell between New Orleans Louisiana and Orlando Florida. But the thing was is that it fell behind my house, not where he said it fell.


I have had some dreams with space ships , like in yours there were like hundreds of them , but they seemed to be attacking a very large spaceship from somewhere else {i don’t know where } I have also had dreams of nuclear holocausts .And here is something that happens when I am awake ...Every time I leave kahnawake , and I am halfway between kahnawake and Toronto , I get a panicked feeling and I then see all around me nothing but red as if being in the midst of a very large fire , and I always have the feeling something not good is going to happen in that area .. I have also had dreams of being on Large bridges while they are collapsing , Like the ambassador bridge and the Mercier bridge . Tell me , , have you ever dreamed of a hatowi ?

I had a dream about being in a city that existed in a huge dome in the desert. Something was coming, and people were screaming and running to the area where the transport airplanes were kept. I walked there, but the area was blocked by so many people, and I heard whisperings amongst the crowd that the planes were having problems taking off. I got the feeling that I couldn't wait for the planes, and started walking toward the exit of the city. I kept going until I was a few miles from the city. I turned around and saw about twenty people behind me. I heard a screaming/whistling sound from the sky. We all looked up in time to see a meteor screech down and hit the city, immediately cremating the place. A huge feeling of sadness came over me, and I looked and saw tears in some of the eyes of the other people. We were the only survivors.

Well, I had a dream a few nights ago in which I was being pursued.

I thought it pertinent, so I am sharing.

Well, I was running away from something/someone (can't exactly remember...), but the cool part was, I hit a dead-end and was in real trouble, but I WILLED a door into existence!

My first (remembered) incident of lucid/directed dreaming!

I looked at the wall and said: "This is a dream of MINE and there should be a door there."

Lo and behold, I grew that door!

So, my revised advice is to face him down (after you practice this technique a bit for yourself, that is...)

I'd say, get into THAT dream and start practicing. Once you feel confident of your safety, face this man down, contain him, and then "erect" some kind of viewing window b/t you and him, and find out whatever you can from interacting with him in a "safe" environ of your own imagining.

YOU have the power!

Okay, I dreamed this last night, and it seemed interesting.

I was in a dry countryside next to a large mountain. There was a wall (probably around 10 feet high) of mud and grass surrounding the base of the mountain. I walked into an opening in the wall, where I found ANOTHER wall of the same size about 50 feet in front of me. Many families were scattered around, living in this space between the walls. Everything was scarce in the area. I noticed that most people had very little food, and only a few items they carried with them. I decided to walk through the second wall, where I found a trail going up the side of the mountain. People could come and go up this trail all the time, but very few actually did. I smiled and waved at the friendly faces I saw as I walked up the mountain. When I reached the top, I found a few men there. One pointed down to the earth where there was a small opening. He took me down into a large underground cave. He explained that water will run into the ground where the soil is very loose, and wash the soil out the base of the mountain, creating a large cavern. They can create caverns themselves this way. He pointed at some structures on the inside, where they were reinforcing the strength of the cavern wall. He explained that most of these designs are far more advanced than the modern man's knowledge of construction. These designs were shown to them. I followed him out the cave to an area where a small crater was formed in the earth. I noticed it had the symbol of a spiral on the bottom. It was filled with purifying water. Around it were a few men singing, shaking rattles, and praying over it. The men left, and a few women and children started bathing in it. I removed my clothes and cleansed myself in the water. I felt something by my feet. I reached under the water, and pulled out two rattles. I recognized them as two of the rattles that were used to pray over the water. I held them close. The water began to drain. The women began walking, following the spiral pattern towards the center. I did the same. As I walked, the pattern changed into the drawing of a mind maze. Some of the women couldn't make it. As I continued to walk towards the center, I saw the last of the other women get blown away by a strange wind. I got the feeling she went the wrong way. I reached the center, where I found a little girl laying in a floating pool of light. The light moved around her like fluid of many iridescent colors. I knew that if I sat there in that pool, I would have knowledge of many things...

Then I woke up. :)

Well you would think people would catch on now that were all having pretty darn similar dreams lol... Obviously not All of them have relevance to this (waking) world. But I do believe the recurring ones have some significant value.
Immortal Condensations dream was Very much similar to one I had a couple years ago. Same eerie feeling right before the you start to run, then Out of no where the wolf is chasing you! never did like that dream, I came to the conclusion that is had something to do with the area the dream took place. (a cousin of mine died in a car accident around there) she was in the dream too. only she was "lost" and did not believe she had died in the accident. Shortly after that area got blocked off (which was a big party spot) But for the life of me i can't remember if dreaming about a wolf is a good or bad sign.
Erin’s dream Seems pretty significant, just the other day an older cousin and I were talking about dreams. He told me about one he had years ago and when relating it to an elder, the elder told him he has had the same one. (where natives go into a "cave" or the mountains open up") Apparently the natives that know where this mountain is, will be directed to it when this "thing" falls upon our people. What I gathered from it, and I could be wrong, but it was the "True natives" who were told of such a place and they were the ones who could help the rest of us and our culture survive when ever this thing comes into play. Also my people believe there are "little ppl" and "big people" (sasquatches) in this mountain, and its all interrelated on how we survive whatever is coming.
How we even got started on this conversation was because i had asked about the meaning of tornado dreams, now I'm pretty sure he said they have something to do with this mountain prediction. and if so then SHIT I'm scared! lol cuz around here for the past 2-4 years we've been getting A lot of tornado warnings and touch downs during the summer. Which has never happened before. At least not to this extent. Has anyone else ever heard of this dream/prediction?


okay i am going to tell about one of the dreams I have eluded to I had over and over as a child, one of a pair that came all the time till I stopped remembering my dreams much..

I would be lying on a hillside looking up and there was a blue sky and clouds..

then hundreds upon hundreds of missiles would be flying over head some going east to west some going west to east.

they were so many that no sky could be seen..
and i could not move or run for cover

they were all shapes and sizes. from actual looking missiles to ones a child might draw.

I knew they were nukes too..

and I felt an oppressive feeling like something was pushing down on me.
I could not stop it, I could do nothing....

then I would wake up screaming...sweaty...

that lasted for oh I say about 5 years from the time i was about 1 on...

the other dream well that one I wont say about yet.

And my ex dreamt that one of the bridges we use to have to cross to pick up her children would collapse. But only if she was there in the car alone
So I would go with her always


and i don’t know why but i need to relate this..

up past my property, in the state hunting land..

there is a HUGE tree
in the trunk there is a dear skull..

Looks to have grown into the tree as the tree grew..

My ex and others have been up there I have not

there is also a huge rock sitting in a moist area of the ground
shaped like a turtle..

the earth is moist from an underground spring

and then there is a mountain that has what looks like a pulpit carved into the stone
I know some who have climbed to it and have squeezed between the out crop of rock and the stone wall...
and all the other things the tree and the rock would be directly in site of it..

I don’t know these are all real actual things one can touch
not dreams
and I don’t know why but i just felt that voice like sky said :-)

Post it.. so i posted it here :-0

OK.. That should be enough for now… Perhaps a few reading this will recognize their own writings although I did not give names. I did my best to glean silently because to make my point I did not want to influence the purity of these dreams and visions.

I will say that most of this sampling is at random from my collection and they all basically have the same common elements throughout (I blued in a few of the key ones).

To quote the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”…





OFTEN there is also A “SAVIOR“, “GOD” OR “KEYS” (to the doors) MENTIONED.

Hmmmm? Standing and looking at this even as an outsider I think I might wanna find out a bit more about what ZION is… maybe it’s all JUST A DREAM… BUT…


I encourage those of you with similar visions to post here or send me an E-mail for my collection.


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