Monday, July 28, 2008

The Parable of "THE BAGGAGE RACE" ( a vision)

(a Vision)

Once there were three men who engaged in a special race called “The Baggage Race”.

Before the starting gun sounded each man had a large heavy bag chained firmly to their leg and each was handed a hacksaw.

BANG!.. The race had begun.

The first man took his saw and began feverishly sawing away at the chain between he and the bag.

The second runner tossed his saw to the side and just started running.. Dragging the heavy bag behind him as though pretending it was not there.

The third man took a moment and thought about it… then he laid down the saw.. Picked up the Bag and carried it as he darted toward the finish line.

The first man lost because he spent the entire race trying to free himself from the bag.

The second man lost the race because in trying to pretend it was not there he still was stalled by its weight dragging along behind him.

The third man WON because he was not afraid to embrace his baggage and though cumbersome and heavy he did not let him stop him from the goal.


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Anonymous said...

I like this. In a very short and simple way it reveals an important truth.....You must not be afraid of who you really are. Embrace who you are and it will be a whole lot easier for you. :-)