Saturday, August 2, 2008


DID I GET YOUR ATTENTION?????????????????????????????????????????????????

If you are a first time reader and you are reading this I guess I did …

…I just used what works best here on internet.. Good old traditional SHOCK VALUE…and I apologize to my readers for using this attention grabbing methodology…

…Call it my “Shock and Awe” campaign and YES, it was a cheap shot to get attention but what blogger does not want a few hits from those who might not otherwise tune into spiritual stuff!

I do answer the question at the end but please read the “in-between” part also.

It should be interesting to see just how many hits I get on this blog because it is obvious to me that most of the people who read Blogs seem to be drawn to Sex, Drugs and Silliness rather than things that actually might give them insight, wisdom or knowledge.

I am encouraged by those of you who have given this blog such wonderful comments considering how new I am on the BIG LEAGUE scene.. Thank you all!

My blog might be called the “Religious Blog for Non-religious people” since I want to reach out to those who would not ever step foot into a church. Or give God a thought..

Does it not say in the Bible GO INTO ALL THE WORLD?..

…Indeed DOES!…

..So, if at times I might get a bit “worldly” for some or say things you don’t agree with.. Well, just understand that Jesus of Nazareth was a bit of a Rebel and hung out far more with the Sinners than the priests or saints.

I am sometimes discouraged by some of the other people who use the name “Jesus” on the internet. Some seem to often be more popular if they are sarcastic. One guy called “JESUS” on MySpace actually has well over 10,000 friends and seems to appeal more to those who wish to mock Jesus. I am not suggesting one needs to be all super-duper-worshipful but they should at least respect the person and name as someone worthy of ..well.. RESPECT!

Blogging often seems a thankless task….BUT … I LOVE IT!

I am not here to be the most read Blogger . I am here to be true to my personal calling and duty which is to speak my truth and be available to those who seek what I offer. The reader can alone decide what that means to them… To me that means the offering of a personal sacrifice of time and effort to declare what I believe and teach what I have learned.

I am making myself a willing servant, counselor, teacher and GIVER OF LOVE!

What makes me sad sometimes is that when I analyze what are the most popular and highly read blogs I am dismayed by the fact that most people actually seem to care more about things that really have little meaning or substance. Not that fun and trivial stuff is bad fact I LOVE A GOOD LAUGH… but I’m sure if you look at the most Blogs on the internet today you won’t find many that really provide anything that will challenge or enlighten. Unless you think Gossip, Slander and Hate is enlightenment.

Now, I have a friends on various sites like MySpace , ShareNow and NowLive that I value very much. They are loyal and (agree or disagree) at least they take the time to actually do more than watch You-Tube clips of amateur “Jackass” stunts.

I consider my readers to be seekers of truth and people of higher than average intellect. I think of them as people who value Spiritual understanding and would have enjoyed sitting with “wise men” and discussing in depth the meaning of life and ways to be closer to “The Source” (AKA: God). Maybe I expect too much and maybe some are just here because they find me to be a curiosity.

… Still, I LOVE EACH OF YOU …for whatever reason you are reading my words.

144,000 is a number that means a great deal to me. Ultimately this number is the number of people who will actually heed the message I bring. YUP, that’s all that will respond and if you realize that there are now over 6 Billion people on earth right now that is less than .003% (three-100ths of 1 percent) who will ever really GET what I am about and saying.

Now, not all who hear my message will heed me at all.. No some will consider me a joke and others are too trapped in Religious dogma and doctrine and they will reject me because what I am saying does not comply with their preconceptions.

Many who will “get it” are Native American peoples (and other wise “knowers”) who know the truth but may never actually see or hear me until we get where we are going.

Sadly, everyone will be prompted at the proper time but most will either not believe their hearts calling.

I will continue to bring people what I feel is wisdom.

I will continue to teach those who will listen (realize I force none to do anything… nor do I use threat or intimidation).

I will continue to council those who need it and will continue to Blog regarding what I feel is God’s own messages to mankind.

I shall not cease this even if all were to abandon me and I became my only reader.

I cannot, nor shall I, give up because I made a commitment I intend to keep to My God and it is a commitment to warn man regarding how man could actually change the future… Or, at least SURVIVE if humanity decides not to.

Believe it or not my only gain for being here is to SAVE YOU ALL FROM YOURSELVES.

Yes, If you heed what I say when God turns on the “inner alarm” you will be “saved”.

I am not here to tell you WHEN this alarm will sound… I am here to tell you that IT WILL SOUND and what to do when it does.

You are my concern.

You are my commission.


…Yet, it is not that I am rewarded by possession of you… My reward is to give you back to yourselves so you might choose to unite with me and then with others and TOGETHER unite to YHWH, Father (God).

Yes, many of you think I am misguided or crazy. That is quite alright. All things will become apparent in time and if I am crazy at least I am doing it for all the right reasons…


I have allowed myself to sacrifice myself to help you either save or be saved from this world.

I do it because I am called to do so.

I do it because I care about Our Fathers creation.

I do it knowing that most will doubt and condemn me for even trying.

I do it because I can do nothing else and find satisfaction.

I was created to do what I do and I willingly submit to it because it not only feels right.. .



IT IS THE ESSENCE OF SACRIFICIAL LOVE! (Is that not what it means to be “In Christ”?)

How many of you would do the same?

Now, just so I am not accused of avoiding the question posed in HEADER…

…“YES, I’m MALE… Of Course I DO! … NUFF SAID!”


P.S… If you don’t presently subscribe to my Blog I offer it to you for your consideration. I don’t care if you buy what I say or not… But it’s gotta offer more substance than the vast majority of ranting blogs here on the internet and if you prefer the foolishness there’s this Blog by a guy named “Perez” that might be right up your ally .. LOL

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