Sunday, August 17, 2008


In looking at other sites using "WWJB" in some way I found the following statement from a blog called "broken//stained//glass" concerning another "WWJ" question "Where Would Jesus Be?". I believe it is well stated and I repost it here for your consideration:

Where would Jesus be?
Physically, geographically, emotionally, spiritually - where would he be?
Where would he spend his time and with whom?
Well, where did he spend his time as recorded in the gospels?
With the hurting people. Where are those who are hopeless and homeless and seemingly useless to society.
With th disgraced. Those living in poverty.
That's probably where he would be.
And as followers of Jesus that's where we should be, too.
As a follower of Jesus does that reveal where I spend my time?


so know matter where YOU "BE".. "BE LOVE & BE LOVED!"

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