Monday, September 15, 2008



This morning my dear friend and servant of God EliaS (aka Sue) called me to inform me that her computer was cyber-attacked at some point last night and stripped her entire Hard-drive.

EliaS has been instrumental in her support of my ministry and purpose and those who attend my NowLive Broadcast (WWJSNL) know that she has also been my Co-host for over a year.

Now one might at first assume that an error in judgement of downloading might have caused a virus ...but i know EliaS very well and she is very (perhaps overly) cautious because of suffering a lightning strike that fried her hard drive about two years ago.

Additionally she regularly runs virus, adware, spyware and other related scans and cleans out everything that she even suspects might cause a problem.. She even helped me out after I was infected with a harmful malware Trojan about a month ago... she has better knowledge technically than I do.

So what happened?

Hm? not really sure but perhaps her last few postings caught the attention of somebody (something?) and I will leave that for you to judge yourself by visiting her blog and seeing what you think.. (Scan down on right to Banner for EliaS "Zion's Watchman" Blog) and feel free to comment here regarding your thoughts.

I am a skeptical person by nature yet I cannot deny that this is VERY ODD TIMING and since the world itself seems to be all too quickly transforming (and not all for the better) I felt this important enough to bring to your attention.

I am in phone contact with EliaS and we will do our best to get her back on-line if at all possible and will discuss this on the next WWJSNL next Sunday.

Also, last night's WWJSNL offered some important information.. you can hear it by rebroadcast HERE

Please go see her blog and tell me what you think by comment.

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