Saturday, September 20, 2008

ZION's VIDEO PRIMER - Something you should consider!

Please watch the following shor primer of a unique concept regarding the Idea of "Zion"..

It explains from a non-zionIST approach that exposes what I believe is the TRUE MEANING of what the Bible refers to as "Zion"(The Hiding Place/Fortress). Please put away what you have been taught for a moment and simply consider..

Then read MATT 24 and the Book of Isaiah (Native Americans should refer to HOPI teachings).

"It means something.. something important"
Roy Neary - "Close Encounters:ot3k"

Study for yourself and do a BIBLE GATEWAY SEARCH of the Word's "Zion" & "Rapture".. Which appears more and what do those verses speak... Do not adhear to "status quo" dogma and docrine.. expand your knowledge and maybe you will see what I do.. But that is up to you for I am not trying to tell people WHAT to think.. rather I want you "TO" THINK!



Anonymous said...

This was awesome JoZ! You did a great job. This gives everyone a good foundation on which to learn more about Zion.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any words of wisdom for those of us who are not here to duck and hide but to help humanity through the actual tribulation? :)

Jesus of Zion said...

To Anon: Yes..For those who survive what may soon come and are what might be called "tribulation Saints" I say go to the bottom of this Blog and click on Bruce Beach's ARK 2 WEBSITE.

I feel that Mr. Beach was chosen to assist those who somehow miss Zion (in the Americas.. There are others in each nation who know the gathering spots for safety).

My last words in this life will be "SEEK BRUCE BEACH AT ARK 2 IN CANADA"... I spoke these words first well over a year ago and if you go to WWJSNL.COM I have a whole article there concerning this... There is also more info regarding TRUE ZION (see "ABOUT" section)... Good question BTW!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'd consider myself a "saint" but I know what I'm here to do. I'll look into the references you provided. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

I followed the link as you directed and frankly I'm disappointed. It's another duck and cover. The bunker mentality is NOT what is going to help humanity during the coming times. They need to come together. One of humanity's gifts is that when they work together they can achieve something far greater than all individual efforts summed together. Thanks for your suggestion, but that is not the path God set me upon. I have not come here to hide but to endure with those who will be suffering through those times too. My quest continues. May you be blessed with God's Peace and Wisdom in your life and in your heart.
-- A Light in the coming darkness

Abe Bird said...

How your "New Zion" will accomplish you mission to destroy yjr "Old Zion"?
And why you're so sure that God is with you and not with the Jews and the Real Zionists? They have done a remarkable historical revolusion by re-creating Zion from the ashes of it's foreighn conquerors. May God bless the Zionist Jews and further brings them health, wealth, peace and safe against their multi-color-culture enemies.