Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday I sat down at my keyboard having felt very led to type up the following …which flowed out in a way even I find most amazing. It is much stronger than I normally write and the style different and I cannot help but feel it is something from the God whom I believe in.

Because of it’s content.. written entirely by faith… I called my co-worker Elia and read it to her and asked her what she felt of it.. She felt it WAS a message from the Most High and that it should be posted and presented.

Read it and decide for yourself .

(transcribed by JoZ on Wednesday 10/24/08)
(confirmed by Elia 10/24/08)

Thus I declare to you oh Lucifer, false son of the morning and mirror of false light who brings my children again to Babel and to worship the false god of Baal Mardock to which you ascribe my name in vanity which is your way.

I tell you the truth.. I shall not ultimately be mocked nor shall I allow your plan to enslave my children so you prosper.

I shall awaken the sleeping saints and give them power over you.. I have risen the dead to be present in this age and they shall defeat your efforts which you mask as though it is my wisdom.. but is not.

You, (who knows to whom I refer) who calls yourself a “prophet of light” as you deny me (The Creator) who and what I am.. To you shall be allotted your just due and to all who follow after the Beasts of Babylon shall I have mercy but woe to you have deceived and followed the Beast… You shall fall by your own hand.

I know you well oh Snake who offers secret and evil Brotherhoods and hides my words in occult hidden meanings and redefinitions designed to divide and perplex.. How well you have done this but not for much longer.

You, ISIS BABYLON (the Whore who claims Wisdom ) have deceived many lambs unaware and lead them to think my breath is not within them… I know your deeds.. Your works.. Your plans, your unholy deceptive “ART” and “CRAFT” for which many think in serving you serve me. Your servants have worked well to retool truth to fit your design and spoon feed it to my children.

I clearly know your intent and see the vultures building your webs of death in the skies as you attempt to control what is mine.. Did you think I would not bring again my son and give him the Word which is who and what he is? You think him nothing but in his meekness he is greater than the sum of all the fallen.

Yes, I The TRUE LORD OF TRUE LIGHT AND TRUE LOVE will soon call my own to awaken to who they are and when they know they shall reveal your illusions of false light offered in fable and stories you constructed to hide me. Fallen will be Babylon as spoken by the prophets neglected and mocked.

I shall reveal your three false rays and your mocking recreations of pillars unto my own who shall receive wisdom on the day of your deception and I shall not let you have my faithful and true who you have deceived so very well.

Indeed I have given you eons to prove your theories about them and make your case before me …yet what have you proven? Only that you are a liar and a thief. You have even taken their own religions and books and twisted their meanings that only you and the fallen ones truly understand. I have heard you and yours laugh as the Children you call “flies” (yet envy) stumble and have divisions over meaningless lusts.

You have even taken to claim to BE me falsely and have failed to reveal your true plan even to those who server you … even to those who think themselves worthy to be masters and to whom you promised power, wealth, status and domination. If they knew your true plan even they would turn on you and do worse than anything I could possibly do and when they see the final solution you offer as being rational they shall long to destroy you.

Have you not told them that they too shall be food for your lot? Have you not revealed to them that they who think themselves workers of light are deceived by redefinition and deceit… Have you told them anything true? . No, you have held my word occulted before all mankind that even those who think they do my will often are only playing out your schemes and praying to no avail. Most have even taken to believe that Death is final and nothing comes after… How dismal a plight you offered those who believe they have no spirit… Death is their only reward.. How vile!

I force non for I am the kind and loving Father who created all things of TRUE love, TRUE Freedom and TRUE FREE WILL thus I cannot (nor shall I) FORCE any to oppose you… Yet to the awakened faithful who seek me I now shall begin the final awakening of who and what they are… In truth and not by mind games of deception as you will play on the ones you have enslaved. I take no slaves.. My servants offer themselves freely and without malice or threat.

To the chosen lambs who are mine I shall begin to reveal that those who know MY LIGHT are greater than this false light of Moloch and I shall allow them to clearly know the difference that they might defend those who have chosen my way.

To the wise and chosen servants I reveal these words to follow and only those chosen or knowing will be given true understanding.. Lucifer surely fears these words once understood for they tell my own how to foil his plans:

“To cut the head of the snake find the three false towers and false three rays and remove them.. Do this and you will have revealed the Beast’s delusion and taken back the blessing I have given you.”

Be not deceived by they who claim they have my favor when they do not … all humanity is equal and free and those who deceive you seek to remove both because many saints and elect have likewise unknowingly spread lies… I must allow this for I created and hold sacred “Free Will” but the choice is yours to awaken to serve the way or slumber and miss the path.. You may choose illusion or truth.. I thus turn and bind my own hands that my children might fulfill their purpose freely.

I am that I am The Lord God EL YHWH JEHOVAH ELOHIM who was, is and ever shall be.

My son is not from any Federation of another world.. What foolishness is this? …for if such life on other worlds exists it is not for men to know this for man is basically following evil.. Why would I wish to corrupt another of my creations until man is made perfect .. Yet , likewise I am their God and if they deny me or claim to be me falsely then surely I shall reveal such things and bring down upon them the works they plot against my children.

My Son, whom you call “Messiah”, even now walks with you …yet few know or see him for by what measure could you judge him when what scales you were provided were set by he who seeks to defeat me through lies?… You say He is in your heart and yet I see few who understand what this means much less live truly within this Spirit.

Did you think me a God of Death and Blood and War? How could I be this? No anything desiring blood is of Moloch who masquerades often using my name in great vanity so that I appear a heavy Burdon and wrath filled falsehood.

Too many use mere “names” as a free ticket to My Kingdom and speak of “names” with head, lips and endless words of wood.. Yet you do not truly accept the freedom and love that is to be within his “body”.. thus you blaspheme both he and myself and on that day when you speak of all that you have done in his “name” he shall be perplexed that you fought against his efforts which I have given him to bare. Who is he?.. The wise will figure it out in due course once they see past the ageless illusion. Some know him now.

Because you sought not to unify into truth your free will has delivered you into falsehood and those who lead you themselves offer deception as my word and religious observance and intolerance of other sheep as my will. I hold not the deceived guilty of anything. I do however hold their leaders accountable fully and by their own falsehood they shall fall into their own false judgment.

Arise true servants of what is truth and dispel the lies of the deceiver.

Doubt not that these words are my own for all I do is warn you and offer you the real LOVE you are seeking so much that a lie now seems more pleasing than truth and a mirror image worshiped and believed more than what provides the reflection.

I am not your enemy nor do I wish to entrap you to the dogmas and doctrines of snakes and vipers who sell you the illusion of wisdom, truth and light to persuade you into accepting what should not be acceptable.. and even more vile is that they charge you a portion of your wages to purchase these errors.

Many shall mock these freely offered words to contend them.. yet to those who are the Elect they shall provide THE WAY OF LOVE and be wisdom and hope for they who have earnestly sought truth yet been denied it.

I am what many would call ELYHWH JEHOVAH ELOHIM and to him who believes freely upon my Way shall I give dominion and to he who is deceived by the lies of Baal Zebub shall I allow to be perplexed.

You are free to choose whatever path you wish.. Please my Children choose using the heart and spirit of eternal wisdom and not simply the mind which lasts but a single life.

Awaken and become LOVE.. For as I am composed of Love so too are you.. But you must freely claim it and this I cannot do for you or I would be naught but a dictator and this is not my way.

I Am what I Am and I am your True and Loving Father and those who know me know this is truth… those who seek me shall find me and those who seek evil shall; fall by whatever evil they conceive.

Behold I await you and no words can convey nor contain me.. Even what is offered here is but a shadow of what is available but only to he who seeks no personal selfish power and seeks to use it in service to one another shall it truly be revealed and understood.. To the rest it shall appear foolish until all is again made perfect.

So let it be as is right and good!


Anonymous said...

Wise is the word true is the point of its meaning now will be the sum of it fuffilled in it's due time.
for the word is and will be victorius throughout its path.
none can ravage its ways or virtue.
See it how rides through the clouds with its light of ultimate truth and love.
All in high places tremble in fear for he who rides on the horse.
nothing no not one shall not be left undone till all be fuffilled.


Anonymous said...

Lunatic !

His Little Sister said...

I will also stand to attest for the truth of those words and where they have come from.