Friday, September 26, 2008


The following is a series of Videos regarding an supposed upcoming UFO CONTACT event.

One might be tempted to just blow it off as some silly story but after some research i found evidence that should be considered. I am not saying that anything WILL actually happen but if it does i feel it will be something that should first be questioned before it is accepted.

Here is the original viral video from the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT regarding the "channeled message" (FYI: Those familiar with new age, occult and scientology "Buzz Words" may note the use of them herein:

Here is a video which may (or may not) be relavant should such an event take place:

Many people have commented and speculated including myself.

Here is my response to the GALACTIC FEDERATION and Channeler Blossom Goodchild. it also contains an appeal for people to get behind (of which i am the Oregon Director).

This video is going viral and is currently #1 of my channels most viewed videos:

So, I know it sounds pretty X-Files and perhaps it is nothing after all but with todays world being so crazy lately..Doesn't anything seem possible?

I have invited the visitors to my house for tea while they are here because i have a few questions I would like answered before i take candy from strangers or encourage anyone else to do so.

I know one thing.. Indeed we need help but is this it? I tend to think not right now!

Be sure to join thanks


Laane said...


Great post!

I joined one of their emailgroups quite some time ago.
They were all nice and friendly.

People got readings and ofcourse chanelled messages were poured all over the place. It was such an honor.

I felt being prepared for something and hej, I was choosen for a reading too.
Well, let's say they were not able to read internationally, because all what was said about my current situation was wrong.

When I got more insight in how they worked, I wrote about that in the group.
I was kicked out.

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