Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FREE DAVID ICKE VIDEO LINK (Very Interesting!!!)

My Dear Friends,

David Icke and I may not agree on ALL viewpoints or definitions HOWEVER I feel he may be one of the worlds premier authorities on issues regarding what some might call "Conspiracy Theories".

One way in which we differ is that Icke believes that the ultimate power controlling the world are of "Alien/Reptilian" Origin WHEREAS I would say the REAL ALIENS are NOT from ANOTHER WORLD AT ALL..Rather I feel they are Daemon/Demon "Intelligences" of a more SPIRITUAL than physical nature.

If nothing else Mr. Icke is a very interesting and informative spaeker who makes quite a case for his viewpoint and backs up most of it with an amazing collection of evidences.

Today I just recieved the following from Mr. Ickes headquarters:
These videos by David Icke will have a dramatic effect on global awareness if enough people take the time and trouble to circulate them far and wide - short of spamming. Please send them to anyone and everyone you know and ask the receivers to do the same and so on.
In a short time through this method of circulation we could have tens of millions of people seeing this information worldwide and make a massive difference to human awareness of what is happening in the world that we daily experience.Big Brother is terrified of such information circulating, so let’s do it as widely as possible all over the world. These videos are free for anyone to use and circulate, put onto DVD for free, and basically circulate as anyone chooses - SHORT of commercial use. David retains the copyright for commercial use and these are intended only to be circulated for free as David himself is doing. By all means add subtitles to them in any language you wish (so long as it is accurate!). Please mention that people can get even more information and daily updates on the latest headlines page at Davidicke.com.
Thank-you for your help with this - it is a way you can make a fantastic contribution to global awareness very quickly.
If You would like to see His "JUST RELEASED" FREE VIDEO PRESENTATION please go to one of the following links:




Another very good Video on "Google" regarding this subject matter is ENDGAME which can be found at

THIS LINK: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1070329053600562261&q=ENDGAME&ei=ki50SN3kFqCErAPBiMyWCw

Both videos are well over 2 hours long so pop some popcorn and get ready to find out WHAT "THEY" DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!!!

Some may scoff and think all of this is just so much "hooey" but I was once myself a sceptic and it forced me to spend many many hours in research and eventually made contact with a few EX- "insiders" willing to fill in the blanks.

Yes, I eventually had to stop laughing at the "Theorists" because I found to many "FACTS" that pointed to the idea that maybe whoever is in charge wanted me to "KEEP LAUGHING" rather than "START RESEARCHING"...

You see, Even if only a portion of what is presented is true it is still rather shocking.

Sadly, most people will not even bother to look.. some simply wish to bury their head and remain blind.

If you like the videos PLEASE pass them on to others... FREEly!


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