Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quatrain Prophecies of JoZ - part 1

My Dear Friends,

Most of you have likely heard the name Michael Nostradamus at some point in time and perhaps read a few of his prophecies.
Written as four line poetic prose called "Quatrains" His prophecies have amazed some and amused others.
Many sceptics have argued the validity of what they claim are "vague" statements which could be taken as meaning any number of things.
Yet to those who have the gift of "seeing" there is an unspoken respect for a man who centuries after writing these words still has a substantial following.. Perhaps because prophecy usually is written in obscure "codex" and anyone blessed with a gift of "interpretation" is basically a CODEBREAKER.
Because prophecy is future based and the future (though circular and repetative) has yet to happen a prophecy is more of a WARNING (based on revelation, observation and historonics)which allows humanity to have FOREWARNING so "we dont keep repeating the same mistakes".
Prophecy is not intended to be so firm that it is immobile or unchangable. If this was true then God would be a sadist for the prophecies of almost all respected major prophets are quite bleak.
Let's assume for a moment that prophecy is SET FIRM and whatever is prophecied cannot be changed... Then God reveals to me that tomorrow a huge rock will fall on you and kill you so i share this with you... So now you were given a prophecy... but if it could not be changed then what good was it I told you about it.. If you believed me you would just freak all day waiting for the rock to fall.
So prophecy is not a curse.. IT IS A BLESSING.. because it allows us to have some control on the outcomes... thus PROPHECIES CAN BE CHANGED and they will almost always appear in vague codex or odd visuals.. or perhaps in Four Line poetic prose.
While studying for an episode of WWJSNL a while back I felt very led to write the following. It flowed just as written and there were no changes made (other than a spell check..LOL).
I believe there is indeed more Quatrains to come but I just do not know when.
For Now ENJOY....

the Quatrains - part 1
Oh endless circles turn to Blame
That Wrath of men rotates the same.
The towers thus began the fall
The Sons return to speak it all.
And so omega meets the start
Stand in awe.. Prepare to part.
The Purple Scarlet whore arose.
Mouths of friends and hearts of Foes.
The rocks cry out in due time
The plants and trees repeat in Rhyme.
A single word shines from the Core
Do you not see it? It speaks “WAR”.
Devils nectar and daemons delight
As man pits man into a fight.
Man trades his freedom for a fraud
Puts faith in nothing.. Not even God.
Taking up on vengeance quest
He mounts the hatred in his chest.
One blow leads to greater thrust
Until none left have any trust.
Compounding stress makes soon no choice
And those who warn get mocking voice.
And in the quest of earths own blood
Suddenly a fire flood.
Sailing west and sailing east
North meets South.. yet all cry peace.
Too late the Blow what seemed so true
Makes unclear what now to view.
When that which was to stand eternal
Becomes the place most infernal.
Faiths crisis leads the mass en flight
As what seemed sure now is not right.
False priesthoods make a bold excuse
Yet most have just said what’s the use.
And with no dogma firmly set
Apathy becomes the net.
Too much.. Too much …comes human cry
While in the air we see death fly.
And when before three devils soar
God calls his son to open the door.
Stone in stone makes true the light
As meek ones depart and make their flight.
Where men become what they should be
And reunite with destiny.
But dogma, lies and rational mind
Leave most of the elect behind.
And as they look upon their error
They realize why they are there.
Yet though most raise their fists to blaspheme
Some look again into the dream.
For one more time shall Zion descend
To claim those faithful to the end.
Three shall return and two shall die
To teach men not to follow lie.
Arise the two in only three
Shocked men view eternity.
And many who now jest and doubt
Shall see what life is all about.
And the lamb shall face the Dragons blade
To finish the Plan God has made.
No blood drawn and love surround
Releases chains that all were bound.
Forgiveness makes each soul a friend
For all is seen as it is in the end.
So out of the circle of death and tower
We realize the illusion of hour.
With renewed invite to taste the tree
Transformation brings unity
But still I warn …will you give ear?
Please try to see and try to hear.
For now in puzzles and in rhyme
I speak what comes while still there is time.
The first stroke of what soon shall be
Is as before in history.
Look backward and view what has been before
And your spirit will recognize the door.
For Noah saw from land he came
Moses and Abraham saw the same.
Babel towers always tumble
To change the proud into the humble.
Next in Line comes Sun and Moon
Judgment follows very soon.
The dead in Christ be within
don’t you see “you”… past your sin.
If one wish to never die
Please heed my words to learn the lie.
For they whose god is made of wood
Worship error instead of good.
Those who wish to help their fate
Should seek the real “Zion’s gate”.
It’s not the one of “goyim” dread
For this shall in one hour …be dead.
The son has come to share what is wise
To give you everlasting eyes.
offering poem to contemplate
Of loving truth to satiate

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