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Today I awoke tired and in a bit of a funk. Yesterday was a hard battle and last night I did not rest well.
It’s so discouraging at times when you try to help people and they should rather argue with you over trivial things they themselves only think they understand. Christian people need to be more cautious in how they approach things because so many are so quick to judge and fight one believer against another.
Satan must laugh heartily when he can create infighting. It only helps support his cause and leads to so many who give up and form deep hatred of anyone who calls themselves “Followers of Christ”.
Today I signed on almost dreading the day…yet let me make one thing clear… I shall not leave what I have been called to be, do or say for I shall let none judge me except my Father YHWH.
Those who disagree with my calling should simply remain silent and refrain from casting judgment upon me for they only show ignorance in doing so and prove only that they do not truly know me.. Rather they judge me in accordance with their own faulty scales.
A very dear friend called and said “go out in the beautiful day and spend time with Daddy“. Truly wise advise and inwardly affirmed so I shut off my computer, got dressed and walked out the door.
I heard the still small voice. It said “My Son, I know you do not know where you are to go but I just want you to walk and watch for I am going to teach you the things. I want you to share what I teach with others… I will show you in parable, so listen with your spirit and not your brain.”
I always listen to Daddy (YHWH/God /“LOVE“ if you like, for God IS Love).
Sooooooo… I realized I was going to go on a WALK WITH YHWH.
I went out as all men enter the world… Alone and seemingly without destination. In fact, I was not sure at all what I was going to do, see or anything.
This is often the problem we first encounter in life. We seem to feel we should be doing something and so we make plans (which never seem to happen AS PLANNED) and fail to trust God to guide our steps.
Today, I just let God place one foot before the other and walked in Faith.
As I looked around I realized how very rushed people are. What is so important? Perhaps people were all late for something (they always seem to be running behind)? Were they going to Church? Why in such a hurry? Were they late of work or an appointment? What could be so important?
This came to me: “The world rushes because they feel that what they need to do is greater than what God needs them to do and so in their planning they place their own needs ahead of His which leads them to confusion, panic and a feeling that something is wrong and needs to be done NOW… but because they know not what that is they basically hurry to do nothing… indeed in vane they spin their wheels.”
Next on my walk I noticed how little true nature is left in the area I live. Man has basically paved over most surfaces and what nature is there seems rather placed by man. Fake and plastic.
The world is not as God intended it to be. Man was truly meant to blend with his world naturally but man has always seemed to think he can outdo the creator and thus has erected “churches of trade and commerce” to worship the God his heart truly seeks.. The green god called “mammon” (money).
I came to a mall ( A church of Mammon ) and as I looked at the parking lot I realized how truly careless people have become. Broken bottles, crushed cans, old gum, scraps of paper (etc) were strewn about and some of it looked like it had been there for quite a while. No one seemed to care that this waste was there and my guess is that if I went back tomorrow it would only be worse.
I checked and YES there were plenty of trash receptacles yet people had become lazy and uncaring. I am sure some was inadvertent but I wondered if maybe I could help so I went around and picked up a few things since I do not feel I can judge this if I am not helping.
As I picked up some of the scraps I noticed a guy at the far corner of the lot sitting in his car. A door opened and suddenly he tossed out the contents of his ashtray right there on the lot. I wanted to go up and say something but I’m sure the response would not have been “a pleasant Sunday morning greeting “so I just prayed silently for God to help him see his error.
Becoming increasingly disgusted I proceeded into the mall. The stores were not yet open and so I went to the window of a closed pet store and the cutest little white fluffy puppy greeted me with a look of joy I see so seldom in humans.
I began to do all I could to show the joy back to the puppy that was possible through the glass and suddenly my eyes began to well with tears. I clearly heard YHWH’s voice. Although I do not hear it as a voice per se’ it was very clear and said the following (as best as I can write it in human words):
“My Son, this is to show you Man. Realize that like this puppy man inwardly seeks to be happy and filled with great joy… yet look, he is protected by a wall of glass. This wall keeps his spirit from touching you and you from touching his spirit. Look at how he licks at the glass and seeks to be touched and loved by you and yet the glass (which represents fear and worldly matters) prevents either from truly touching the other… This is one of the worlds greatest troubles.”
I stayed for a while and watched the puppy play freely and happily and thought on these words and then left and headed out again.
As I walked down the way I noticed that people almost seemed oblivious to others… It was clear that indeed man has built up “walls of glass“. Many did not even attempt eye contact and to the few who responded when I said “good morning” I could feel their coldness and distrust.
I proceeded further and went to a place I love to hang out… A BOOKSTORE!
There were already many inside and I kept seeing visions of the “walls of glass” round about them and wishing I could take a spiritual hammer and smash them so we could find the “joy of the inner puppy”… But, because I thirst for knowledge I began perusing some of the thousands of volumes of books available.
“Hm?” I wondered, “what shall I look at today?”
Then it hit me like a brick…there are so many varied ideas and opinions… I realized just how many people don’t even know where to begin to find “Truth”. In fact, how would one ever arrive at truth in a bookstore, library or even an internet search? It seems that for every “truth” presented there is another “truth” which seems to provide evidence to counter-act it.. No wonder people are so very confused.
I decided to go to the “Spiritual/Christian” section for surely the truth must be able to be found there.. Right? Ah… a book about the gift of “tongues“… then next to it a book saying how “tongues” are of the devil? OK… Next subject.. Oh look, about 20 books all claiming to refute the book “The DaVinci Code”… Wait, that book was fiction anyway.. Wasn’t it? Why even promote it like this? Doesn’t this many books only help the bottom line of stuffing author Dan Brown’s pockets with green paper?
Oh well, I thought… let’s move on.
Ah… Here’s a new one regarding the End Times… Huh,??? A #1 Bestseller???? Hold on a minute… I never heard of it before. I scanned it and the information presented was not only in error it was almost copied from other already published myriads of books on the subject. Nice picture of the “well-schooled” writer on the back explaining why his way is the “right way” and showing all degrees. “Liberty University”… Oh good, he got his doctorate mail order… I’m so impressed. (please excuse my sarcasm… it is intended to point out how I felt).
“CHRISTIAN COMMERCIALISM”… These words echoed through me and I shuddered.
Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking at. These were all books written by people who sought not to just glorify God (if that was really their intent at all) but to make money while doing so. Was this not why Jesus left a temple torn apart? I resisted the temptation to rip the books from the shelves in righteous anger.
Then I looked to my left and I felt like puking… A whole section devoted to “Bibles“ and oh look, One of them is 50% off right now. I realized that this was not right . All information regarding the Lord God YHWH should be free and none should make profit off of the word of God (even if I can pick up one at 50% off). Isn’t that neat I can buy plastic tabs so I can flip frantically from verse to verse as instructed by a paid preacher and never have to memorize where the books are…Oh, and even pretty cloth “Bible covers”…oh yes, and bookmarks with Bible verses nicely printed on them… Glory to $$$??? (choke). People, there is no PROFIT given to true PROPHETS. The True God seeks no money and his real prophets seek no glory or honor for themselves!
I almost ran from the store swearing to continue to look for information in the library or internet or, if I must buy, perhaps going to Goodwill where at least I can buy it at a fair price and some of the profits go to help somebody in real need (though small) and not just line the pockets of those who sell their ideas in a vane attempt to gain personal wealth and vain glory.
Exiting the store I looked around and this time noticed how many stores were doing things intended to make me wantonly desire what they had to offer. Now, I have spent time in the field of “Marketing” and I am acutely aware of what it’s all about. Frankly, Marketing could be defined as “The field of persuading people to purchase things they really don’t need and convincing them that to be without it makes them less of a person.”
Some of the tricks now used my marketers are so subtle and deceptive that often people arrive home with merchandise and say “why did I buy this?”
Are you aware of “subliminal advertising”? It does exist and is really a prime manipulation of the human mind. One example is “overhead announcements” sometimes blatant (yet most would say they do not recall what they heard) and sometimes added quietly into the Muzak .. But I digress.
On my way home I saw a dead Squirrel lying lifeless in the road and I remembered how as a teenager I would occasionally ride with people who felt they scored some imaginary points by deliberately running over whatever poor creature happened into the road… I never could understand this act of cruelty.
Again the inner voice of YHWH came and said:
“My Son the ways of man right now are completely flawed. They have forgotten how to love and even how to trust enough to follow Me. They live their lives in lifelessness hidden by “walls of glass“.”
“There is an enemy who wishes to confuse them and then run them down. He makes them wanton for meaningless commercial things and even my own people seek to sell Me as a product”
“When you get home write this down and post it so that all can see this walk you have had with me… Tell them I LOVE THEM and that if they wish to really know me then they must choose to give up their need for meaningless things, break the glass walls and let the divine inner puppy come unto Me.“
“Then they must live a life of Faith. Allowing Me to plan their steps and putting my own plan before their own in the same way in which you left your house with no set course.. Yet look what you have gained.”
“People without faith often walk with a plan but have no real purpose,, People with faith walk only with purpose and let Me plan.”
“There is no cost to this except LETTING ME CONTROL EVERYTHING YOU ARE and honestly allowing yourself to learn and practice My most important Law… Which is simply to BE LOVE!”
I have now done as my God has asked this day…have you?

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