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I am one of those people who gave up long ago trying to argue the question of which side is correct.

To me it is speculative and divisive to the who cause of "Christ" which was to be about UNITY.. not division..

...See, it is a matter of FAITH either way until definitive evidence can be found and no matter what the ultimate answer it will not actually ever be discovered if both sides are unwilling to budge in their beliefs.

I am a fact seeker on such issues... I don't decide ANYTHING until all the evidence is presented and weighed and if the arguments become only childish name calling or put-downs then I am less likely to give the presenter any credibility (and I see this on BOTH SIDES).

I try to learn by being "LIKE CLAY" (does not the Bible tell people of faith to be this way) and thus I refuse to harden on this issue until all the FACTS are in and one or the other can be authoritatively proven.. and quite frankly my current view is that BOTH ARE RIGHT (WHAT!!!! you might ask...ok...Ill explain that later.. but for now let me show you why I dislike debating this issue as it is presently being done).

The sites I often see this debate make me wonder if people of both sides have lost their minds or have the education no higher than grade school "bullies" (a recent TV show has proven to me that most adults can't even outSMART a 5th Grader).

Here are 4 ACTUAL ARGUMENTS (2 each side) that are very typical cut and pasted from online "ignorance and hatefests" that are supposed to be debates of this issue... Notice how well presented (not) and educated (not) they make the commenter appear.

EVOLUTIONIST (sarcastically):

COMMENT HEADER: you commie atheist "intellectuals" are so deluded...

It's simple! God put the fossils there to test our faith.

See, what most people don't know, is that God is not only a Vengeful God, a Loving God, an Omniscient and Unitary God...he's also a Prankster God.

Let me take you on a tour. First, he created the Heavens. Then the Earth. Meantime, he was also creating the laws of gravity, thermodynamics, the elements (arranged very nicely in a periodic table). Utterly elegant, efficient, beautiful stuff. Only GOD could possibly make something so beee-youtiful as the second law of thermodynamics, or Bohr's theory, or the gold atom, or heck, chocolate ice cream.

There's one for you mis-believers...CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM! How could all those ingredients "evolve" in just such a fashion as to create something so exquisite as CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM?

So, I digress. After taking a little break from that stuff, He writes the History, and the Law, in the bible.

Then the jolly prankster goes and stuffs all those bones into the chalk and limestone see if we'll question his authority!

I mean, what are you gonna choose...the inescapable laws of nature, or the law of God?



The Flying Spaghetti Monster created Dr. Ron Carlson to test your faith.
Go have a plate of spaghetti and ponder these things. Arrrgh, mateys!



Admittedly, my research only goes as far as Wikipedia, but they are by no means biased towards a Christian worldview, and even the Lyell article there says that he was a lawyer. He is classified as a geologist now, but had very little formal training. As if that wasn't enough, the radiometric dating techniques that supposedly work today weren't in use when he developed the geologic column. Lyell died 20 years before Marie Curie made her discoveries, so this basically means that there was no science involved in the formation of the timescale, just conjecture.



I want to thank Dr. Ron Carlson for enlightening the listener to hear truth! I am very pleased to see others standing up against the THEORY of evolution. Recently more and more churches/denominations are excepting the lie of the devil in bringing in deception in these last days. As Dr. Ron said, "there is no scientific evidence that the earth is older then 6,000 years." Today we must return to the founders and long time truth of major universities years past i nwhich they taught that th Bible proves science, medicine, etc, and not the other way around! It is amazing how the enemy is deceiving slowly more and more people every day! Blessings in Christ,

(names withheld)

Comment links: &

Do any of these convince me of anything.. NO, NOT AT ALL, they are either firmly established in ignorance or useless trolls being sarcastic to get attention. Realize I posted Pro-creationist comments from a religious site and Pro-Evolutionist comments from a non-religious one... But you can find both types of comments anywhere this debate gets going.

Yes, there are some that try to be unbiased and educated but it still looks more like a "tug of war" or "argument gone wild" and it's ugly, repulsive and foolish to me.

Many Atheists now call themselves FREE THINKERS but to me the "firm belief that their is definitely NO GOD" is not actually FREE THINKING at all... It's like I use the term "Liberal" to define what I am NOT because I side with the political Leftists but a true "Liberal" is actually more of a "centrist" which gives each side a fair hearing.. the same hold true for the FREE THINKERS who abuse a term i rather like by making it not so FREE after all.

It seems to me that "Free Thinking" should be "OPEN MINDED" so that though I have a Faith in God I can still use that term because I am OPEN MINDED and mold my faith to truth. (My Faith , by the way is based on my own evidence that is highly personal and having SEEN GOD I believe fully.. Yet, since I have no evidence I do not push this on people).

As for the CHRISTIAN side I often get frustrated by the "church-goin Wikipedia Experts" who read only from Books approved by their religious beliefs and think they understand everything there is to know about everything.

Even much of today's clergy were trained in universities that were HOTBEDS FOR DISPENSATIONALISM and I consider this teaching to be not only questionable but may lead to many Christians into not understanding something the Bible discusses a lot (Zion) and assuming ISRAEL, JERUSALEM and ZION are only related to Hebrews and a Land in the Middle East because CHRISTIAN ZIONISM is a huge part of the dispensationalist error created only in the 1800's by a preacher named Darby and promoted heavily by a man of questionable repute named Scofield (READ PREVIOUS RELATED BLOGS OR GO TO for more info regarding my study on this).

Returning to the subject of CREATIONISM vs EVOLUTIONISM.. Both are a "faith" based belief/theory as neither has yet to 100% authoritatively with unquestionable empirical evidence support their side... thus to argue this without such evidence as being a fact makes the hard core evolutionist and the hard core creationist just as guilty as the other as being trapped in FAITH ALONE (I define "Faith" as believing something that cannot unquestionably be proven.. not, as some argue, only based on Religion)

My take is this..

CREATION AND EVOLUTION CAN CO-EXIST AND UNIFY because why must the God who created time itself be limited to time?

Why must the Book of Genesis be so literally true that the entire creation progress takes only 7 literal earth based days (Time is relative to position and a day to the maker might be one entire rotation of all that is and tell me HOW LONG IS THAT.. does not the Bible even say a day to God is "as a thousand years" so even if one wanted to be literal then creation itself lasted 7,000 years).

If Mankind IS God's greatest creation why would he only take a mere week to put together the "cage" and then quickly mold people.. breath life into em' and say.. I'm tired ..I'm gonna take a nap.. (what kind of limited God throws together the greatest thing ever made over a weekend???)

I like to believe that over a great deal of time God brought humanity up to a level of perfection that may have taken eons and carefully sculpted and molded and modified the creation as lovingly and patiently as Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel.. Otherwise we are not all that special.

So perhaps BOTH SIDES have some truth to them.. Perhaps BOTH SIDES need to get together and seek truth in partnership rather than hateful and ignorant debate reminiscent of a less educated age in which truth was denied to make religious opinion appear authoritative.. anyone recall Copernicus or Galileo (both were said to be heretics.. yet were later proven to be pretty much correct).

When we harden whatever Faith we have and do not seek some unity in seeking TRUTH we end up polarizing only dogma and doctrine most foul and it keeps us from evolving our knowledge completely which is God's will that we should.

Rodney King once asked "Why can't we all just get along?" and i agree because ultimately my Bottom line about all this is:







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