Wednesday, August 6, 2008



philippine lotto said...

that's really cute..wish i had one too.

Jesus of Zion said...

Im confused regarding what you wish you had my friend...

...If you mean a "video" on your Blog it's actually pretty Easy so long as you have a computer (preferably with high speed internet.. dial up and video does not go well together).

You will anso need A video editing program (I use MovieMaker right now because it came with my Computer), a camera and/or microphone depending on what elements you desire and a YouTube Account.

After making the video in your own system you can download it to YouTube and then copy the code to your blog or website (some sites are easier than others to add a video... Here i have the option of skipping YouTube and doing a direct download to their player and adding it.

I am sort of a Novice. i only began doing videos about a year ago and other than MySpace I did not have what I call a PRO-BLOG (This is my first here and MURDOCHWATCH is my second.. only I am trying Wordpress becaus4e I love to learn and explore.

Anyway, Thank You and I hope this is what you meant and if i can help you at all with anything please write.. I also love helping people (part of the LOVE thing)