Saturday, August 9, 2008


As a lover of YHWH (God) and humanity I spend a great deal of time in prayer and study regarding God’s will and purpose for his creation .

Yet as I GOOGLE all around the internet seeking people who have TRUTH I am confronted mostly with dry and caustic prose written by well meaning people who frankly have a great deal of knowledge but lack the essential element that makes one desire God… JOY!

I am not surprised.. But rather dismayed by the bulk of what most people consider “God’s Will”.

So many articles and websites seem devoted NOT to the perpetuation of Joy and Love.. But rather have a focus on how “man is EVIL” and how if people don’t immediately “accept Jesus as Lord” they “will be tossed into an eternal lake of fire where they will suffer endless torture ETERNALLY“.

If I were not who I am I would simply turn and run away from such a theology because if this is the focus then the “God of Love” is nothing more than a hateful, jealous, mean-spirited egomaniac and such a God would deserve no worship… this version of YHWH is the most popular but the wide-path never leads to truth.

God is Light. God is Peace. God is Mercy. God is LOVE!

So then why are so many people so afraid of God that they turn to a faith out of FEAR rather than Joy?

Does God hold a “gun” called “Hell” to peoples heads and tell them then that if they do not accept His “love” that he will place them in the spiritual equivalent of a torture chamber with no hope of reprieve?

I think NOT!

I have written before about “Hell” and so I will not address this subject now.. But rather wish to look at why it is that so much “religion” is seemingly joyless.

Joy makes a person happy and filled with hope.

Joy can make one feel almost drunk with enthusiasm.

Joy contains no dread , fear or threats.

JOY IS WHAT MAN DESIRES WHEN THEY SEEK LOVE.. And if GOD IS LOVE than this God wishes that mankind would be filled to the brim with JOY… but frankly most religious websites seem more filled with dread, fear, hate and “pity of the UNSAVED”.

When I seek truth I look for one thing “Does it contain Joy and LOVE?”.. anything else simply cannot be from God since a “God of LOVE” can contain nothing but LOVE.

But why then do so many preach a message in which God is wrathful and filled with hate toward those who will not follow him? Perhaps it’s because these teachings are perpetuated by “followers” who came to God because of “guilt and fear” and since they live in this terror they think that this is God’s desire that man should be terrified by God.

Is it not written that we are to “love our enemies”?

If this is true why then does not God follow His own admonition? The fact is.. HE DOES, but you would never see that if all you see is fear and dread.

God LOVES the world or His Son would not have come to it.

God seeks people who wish to live in peace and joy and tolerant love one for another.

God wants that men should accept and follow His Will not by fear that they will eternally be damned if they do not and any who teach this are teaching an “Anti-God/Anti-Christ” that fits their version of God but whom is NOT the God I speak of or worship.

My God is about LOVE and He seeks only those who willingly Follow Him because they too seek real and passionate Love and JOY.

It is written that in the End of Days men would follow a “doctrine of devils” created by men and that this “delusion” would be allowed because of the hardness of human hearts.

This “dogmatic threatening legalistic” path was called the “wide-path that leads to destruction”.. THUS this delusion actually means “the popular path that leads to hell” and frankly such a path contains only fear and dread. Those who follow it only came to God because they feared that God would torture them if they did not and then they perpetuate this path by teaching it to the teachers of the people in seminaries and bible colleges.

In discussion with one person who disagreed with me they asked “Do you then claim you have greater knowledge than those who have spent years training in the major theological universities? And I said “No, I claim that those who train in theological universities are simply being taught a dogma or doctrine specific to that schools “religious ideals”… so they may have what is called ’knowledge’ but if a man is taught wrongly then the knowledge they have is not from God teaching the spirit.. But from Men teaching the brain.”

The brain, being physical, is capable of error but the Spirit is what we are supposed to be using to learn the will of God.

It is written “The letter killeth.. but the Spirit brings life” and this means that those who place their faith only in books (letters) and the philosophies of men (religions) lack in what God really seeks ..which are those who use their own Spirit to learn.

If you believe in God out of TERROR you are not following truth.. For only once you have and project Love and Joy are you really living in truth.

BE JOYFUL you who “fear not” and LIVE ONLY IN PEACE & LOVE for your spirit even now lives in the “kingdom of YHWH”.

If you trust the power of YHWH then let HIM instruct those whom He wishes to know of Him and stop calling people “sinners” and telling them to be “terrified” by God.

Begin then simply accepting and LOVING the “SINNERS“…for even those who are forgiven are still one of them and there are no “brownie points” for how many you convince to follow your specific ideals, truths or religions…

…Only LOVE is valued by the God of LOVE and all else is speculation, opinion and vanity.

Where there is no JOY there is no LOVE and where there is no LOVE God cannot be present.


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