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Look, Up in sky over Israel.. It’s a Bird.. ( I hope it’s Kosher) ..It‘s a Plane (I hope it’s not Islamic).. Wait.. It’s URI-ON .. THE SUPER HEBREW.. Fighting for Moses…The Torah and dominance of Jerusalem BY Strict Jewish Law…..

OK , it’s not my style to rip on a culture.. Thank God I have Hebrew blood in me or I might be bordering on racism here but which is more racist… to see all men as equal OR to claim that God prefers and singles out one bloodline as better than another.

Frankly the comic book URI-ON (the cover of which is pictured above) was actually published in the late 80’s.

Wikipedia says of it the following:

“The adventures of Uri-On were initially published in Israel in 1987, in four-color comic books, and continued later in the children's magazine Kulanu , for several years.

The publication elicited criticism and controversy for its serious and patriotic Israeli superhero, whose author was considered to harbor right-wing political sentiment as a West Bank resident, at a time when Israeli culture was seen to have grown past such idealism. In the letter columns of the comic book, Netzer rebutted these claims by stressing the support for a peaceful solution to the plot conflict in the series storyline, and the cultural abundance of patriotism seen in American superheroes, on which Uri-On was based.

Many mistakenly consider "Uri-On" to be the first Israeli superhero. "Uri-On" is the first Israeli superhero to be published in color, but the first Israeli superhero was actually "Sabraman" which was created by Uri Fink and published in black-and-white in the late 1970s.

Uri-On was named after the Israeli news commentator Uri Orbach, Netzer's friend and roommate at the time he created the character.”


In the US we have Superman and he seeks Truth, Justice and the American Way which as I understand it is based in Freedom… The Freedom to be .. Well… FREE! Although I sadly see this changing a great deal.. Especially since 9/11 when we began exchanging our freedom for some type of perceived security (frankly let me keep my freedom and I’ll trust GOD for my security.. thank you).

It’s always amazed me that per capita the Nation of Israel has more nuclear weapons than any nation in the World and yet claim God’s favor and recent reports are that Israel is soon to purchase another 2+ BILLION in what they call “Defense Systems“ … It seems to me if you trust in God to protect you then you have no need of weapons at all.

I am not sure that Dispensationalist “Christian ZionISTs” have a clue about how much control of the residents of Israel has eliminated personal freedoms of a people we support as if they were one of out own.

ZionISM contains within it a very RACIALLY political centrist and hyper-conservative legalism that if presented as legislation in this country would not even be acceptable to the most conservative of our own people.

The US claims to support Freedom and yet here we are standing up behind a nation that is becoming increasingly Ultra Orthodox.. But we do not bother to explore what this means because I suppose if we did we would have to ask why America is supporting a form of censorship and oppressiveness that is not anywhere near freedom and commands only a zealous observance of racially and spiritually based HARD CORE LAWS.

I actually originally did not intend a Blog about an old Israeli comic character but I found it during a time of doing research about URI ORBACH.. The man who apparently the authors room mate and author of following letter published recently in a Hebrew newspaper.

I will reprint it here IN FULL so you can read between the lines properly and I say read between the lines because Mr. Orbach shows in this letter something every FREE person should be aware of… It shows a Nation becoming more and more legalistic and I am tempted to ask when they will begin killing sacrifices and stoning people again (in accordance with the Torah).

As you read this really think about what it is we are supporting in the Israel of today.. Should we be as supportive of a Nation that seeks to take away the freedoms of it’s people just so we can sell them weapons and have a great place to fight Wars to keep oil prices down.. Is it right for a democratic Nation to support a Nation becoming increasingly oppressive in it’s own right?.. I am just asking.. You may all decide because as one Nation loses it’s rights for whatever reason… the rest likewise shall be effected.

(NOTE: again.. I am NOT Racist.. I am a person who is FOR UNITY which means no race or people should claim dominance or superiority over another… How odd that those cultures who make a big thing over race are often the most race oriented of all.. Very sad)

Here is the story/letter that got me started:

Goodbye, Jerusalem

Uri Orbach writes about the little things that mark ultra-Orthodox takeover of Jerusalem
A commentary by: Uri Orbach

I don’t care that Meir Porush will replace Uri Lupolianski as mayor of Jerusalem. This is really a small matter. What, should I be scared of him just because his beard is a little longer? After all, we are dealing with a well-known figure, a deputy minister – what can he do that Lupolianski didn’t? The fact that he’s considered a little more Orthodox and a little more belligerent doesn’t scare me too much. It’s the same thing more or less; things will remain the same. What’s the difference?

This isn’t the first time I don’t care.

The convenience store at our neighborhood in Jerusalem stopped selling Yedioth Ahronoth years ago. Instead, they offered us religious newspapers and perhaps the Jerusalem Post too, because it’s ok to sell secular material in English. Yet I didn’t care, because I subscribe to the newspaper I choose to read and get it delivered to my door. I would also travel to another neighborhood to buy the other newspaper, which I read over the weekend. Not a big deal. What’s the difference?

I also stopped caring that the grocery store stopped selling a certain chocolate bar because it didn’t get the strictest kosher certificate. This is really a petty matter. You can just choose another chocolate bar instead. If it hurts the Orthodox that this specific chocolate bar is being sold at the store, we don’t need to do it on purpose. There are other kinds of chocolate. What’s the difference?

I also stopped caring that female singers are no longer allowed to perform in municipal shows. If the Orthodox are bothered by singing females, let men sing. If girls want to sing, let them sing in the shower, as long as they’re modestly dressed. And if regular songs bother them, they should sing holy songs only. What’s the difference between one song and another?

To tell you the truth, suddenly I also don’t care that you can only enter the supermarket modestly dressed. I’m modestly dressed anyway. And who cares if in “kosher buses” women sit at the end of the bus while the men sit at the front. The end, the front, what’s the difference?

In short, I don’t care about all those minor issues. So what if the city doesn’t allow us to do all sorts of small things that we can easily do without anyway?

Why should I care?

What’s the difference?

And in any case, I haven’t been living in Jerusalem for a year now.



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