Monday, July 21, 2008


(1) ALL THAT IS… EXISTS The preface to anything to be called truth or meaning requires that all things have within them the substance of existence. If it was not so all else would be mute.

(2) ALL THINGS ARE ONE THING The substance of all material in the physical realm is composed of the same basic material. This material is, in reality, not a solid mass when reduced. Matter is all of one substance… the atom …which if broken down further is only light magnetically and mysteriously held together to form substance.

(3) AS ONE GIVES, ONE GETS All action is followed by a reaction. If one takes what is not his it is not true gain for taking removes energy. Indeed, a great mystery is that when one gives (and adds to the energy mass) one will actually gain in the giving.

(4) ALL IS JOINED BY LOVE Love is a creative magnetism. Love draws things together in the same way hatred pushes them apart. Love is the energy by which all creation is held in a physical stasis. Love is the mysterious magnetic force that holds together the light so that it might be made manifest in substance.

(5) ALL MATTER IS COMPOSED OF LIGHT At the sub-atomic level all physical matter is composed of light.

(6) KNOW ALL THAT IS KNOWABLE & LEARN ALL THAT IS LEARNABLE Let none tell you that any knowledge is off limits to you. All knowledge can be beneficial and there is no knowledge which, even if in error, does not contain some truth. Knowledge and learning are requirements of obtaining wisdom and failure to learn leads to foolishness and error.

(7) ALL THAT IS…IS FREE Freedom is the greatest gift ever bestowed on mankind. It provides a method by which the individual can realize their individual potential and anything that removes freedom only limits such potential. Bondage and slavery are in opposition to freedom and anything that seeks to bind mankind or eliminate choice and free will is not beneficial.

(8) JUDGE ONLY FOR THE SELF…NOT OTHERS Be as you are to be. Think as you are to think. Judge not those who be or think differently from you. Choose what you feel is right and simply do that. Do not make others victims of your opinions by judging them harshly for there is only one being capable of fair judgment and YOU are not HE.

(9) ALL NEED CLEASING AND HEALING Until perfection there shall always be imperfection. Until all is well there shall always be sickness. Until all is made fresh and clean there shall always be filth and decay. Therefore let us all clean, refresh and heal whatsoever we can… starting with ourselves.

(10) ALL IS CREATIVITY Look about you. See the diversity. See the unique and different places, ways and things. Is not all wonderfully colorful and creative. Indeed it is creativity that has brought about all that is. Let us marvel at the creative. Let us rejoice in a Creator.

(11) ALL THINGS ARE MAGICAL We have looked and witnessed and we have become spoiled by what we call “common”. Look again, what is this we have about us? Is it not a miracle that anything at all is here? Yes, all things we see, hear, taste, touch ,smell or experience are magical… as are the senses which allow us to be aware and the awareness that allows us to know the magic that is about us.

(12) ALL THINGS WILL EVENTUALLY CHANGE Change must occur. There is no choice in this as all things must grow, develop and progress. One thing changes which leads to another change and so on. A world without change cannot advance. We should not fear change because without it we could not bare the sameness eternally.

(13) ALL HUMANS HAVE CHOICE Choice is important. Without it man would be as a puppet. If this were so could a righteous God ever judge us? No, the puppeteer could never hold the puppets guilty if he pulls the strings. Make your choices and deal with their ramifications…good and bad. Give glory that the Father has given you choice and allowed you to participate in the evolution of His creation.

(14) ALL HUMANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY ARE GIVEN To those given much … much is expected. God does not give blessings to be held only by one being. Each gift is intended as a way to assist others and bless them. Do not hold your blessings or possessions as if they only belonged to you.

(15) ALL GOOD HAS AN EVIL…ALL EVIL A GOOD As day has night and darkness has light so all things have a balance. In all that brings benefit there is a part which will harm. In all that harms one will find a benefit. The oriental symbol called the “Yin/Yang” and the Hebrew “Star of David” are both symbols of this truth. Until perfection such is required to bring man blessing and choice. After perfection only the light of goodness shall be retained and a new version of balance shall be established.




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