Friday, July 25, 2008

Have You Ever Seen a UFO?..I have!

Today the History Channel has featured several episodes of the “UFO Hunters” and It reminded me that occasionally I have people ask me my opinion regarding UFO’s, aliens and such.

Most of the time I avoid these types of subjects.. mostly because although I love the mysteries (which I began to explore when I was only a small child) they tend to be divisive and I am looked at oddly enough without bringing in too many extraneous things that aren't actually relevant to my calling and mission.

Yet, for those who are interested in these things I have done a huge amount of research and had some very odd personal experiences both physically and spiritually which I feel could benefit others who have had similar experiences.

So.. Here goes…

I had my first UFO experience when I was 13 (Late Summer 1974). 4 people witnessed it and it was verified by a smart mother of two of the witnesses who sent us with crayons and paper to separate rooms of the house to draw what we saw... We were all shocked when we all came back with almost exactly the same rendering.

Basically it looked like a dark triangular form/craft (sort of like the "Stealth Fighter") and had three distinct lights. One central which was also the largest and appeared domed. It was glowing and pulsing White and there were two other lights that were reddish on each wing(?)... they had a softer glow and seemed more flat than the White domed light.

This "Whatever it was" actually zipped in a eye blink's period of time... directly above all of us... This thing "Dead stopped" (on a dime and with no recoil or backlash.)

Then for approximately 20-30 seconds it hovered silently and as though planted firmly in the air. then it zipped away as quickly as it had approached. It left only a momentary quick blur (Due South to Due North) and not only did it make no sound.. It actually seemed to block out any sound.. all seemed to go quiet instantly.

It was either very close or very big because it almost seemed like it was within reach and it blocked out the moon and stars behind it.

In retrospect, I would estimate it was at least as large as a modern Jet airplane and maybe about 100 or so feet above us.. also I recall that there may have been two other "???'s" that continued North and did not stop.. but this was so long ago and the event so bizarre at the time that some details have become vague over the years and so there are a few things I cannot recall in detail... But I attest this DID happen and I am conveying it as best I can over 30 years later.. so bare with me.

Frankly, after the "???" zipped away, I was so scared that I didn't care where it went and I took off running in terror for the door of my friends house followed by the two boys (9 and 10) and the girl (14). I ran into their screen door and almost broke it when the others came slamming in from behind.

We were all unable to speak more than pointing and mumbling about a huge thing in the sky BUT before any of us could say too much the mother shut us up and sent us off to draw whatever it was we saw.. smart mom!

Yes, we ALL drew basically the same thing!

A few years later I happened to catch an old B-Movie on TV made in the 60's that still gives me chills to watch. It's called "Robinson Crusoe on Mars". If you get a chance to see that then you will see vividly a very, very close approximation of how this thing moved and even the general shape.

That event led to me being VERY interested in finding out what I was dealing with and I kind of became a bit obsessed (not quite as bad as the guy in Close Encounters.. but close.. LOL) with UFO's, Science Fiction, Speculative Oddities and Anomalies and Ancient History.

If you want to see some weird stuff that does not make sense based on currently taught history GOOGLE: "OOPARTS" (Stands for "Out of Place Artifacts").

I have come to believe now that what I actually saw was a Top secret US Military prototype craft (called Project: Raven (AKA/ Project: Blackbird), and some sources suggest it is probably a forerunner of the Stealth Fighter.. which may in itself be cover for an even more secret stealth flight vehicles not currently released to public knowledge...(YUK.. I distain Government Secrecy)

Anyway, I could only locate limited info on this project due to it being highly classified and found nothing truly believable until the late 80's. I understand part of the project was later said to have been closed down because the Govt. could not find a light enough substance that would not melt from air friction caused by the ultra-high velocity and apparently they were shooting these things all over the country in the Mid 70's to Early 80's... but each came back after the test flights as being dangerous to re-launch due to "severe damage caused by friction"...Although again, realize it was difficult just locating this much info. and there is more speculation and conjecture.. but so much is still classified… so even this information is speculative since I have no actual proof.

Another friend who claims to have some Govt. insider friends led me to the fact that the original design and flight abilities may have been based on the "Vimana" written about in Hindu Texts.. Below is a link regarding the Vimana and apparently there are texts in some temples that tell exactly how to build and fly these things...Realize that that eastern thought is different than western thought and so when we read sacred texts from the East it all looks pretty odd.. But frankly to an Eastern thinker the western view seems just as weird.

I have yet to actually see these texts so at this point I can neither confirm nor deny they exist.. But is was mentioned on a history channel show a while back as being true.. so... I tend to believe it based on my other ancient history explorations which confirm and conform that the world was once much different than it is today... One clue to this I will add for you to consider is these questions after reading Genesis 11:1 - 9: Why in the Bible does God get upset about the building of a Tower (Babel) that he actually causes people to have to be divided? Could this Tower be more than just a common tall structure? Why would God seem to be concerned.. we build lots of towers today? I'll let the readers consider that one.

Here is the link regarding Vimana:

(NOTE You will need to scan down a bit to where it refers to the Wikapedia Info regarding the Hindu meaning and it will supply an overview).

I have many other odd occurrences including a horrifying "face to face" encounter with what some call "Greys" ...(but these are what I believe to be semi-physical demons who have no actual emotions but VERY high technical knowledge).

It is my belief (again after much study on the subjects of both Ufology and Demonology) that these "grey", large headed, big eyed beings are capable of actually moving in and out of the physical world (Interdimentionally) but cannot have any contact with humans UNLESS they move from "etheric spirit" (5+ -D) to "Physical Matter" (1-D to 3-D). Note: The 4-D is a transition point between etheric and physical and one might say that they hide in the 4-D realm/ Time)

Further I believe these beings DO use a form of physical vehicle at times (As was found at Roswell) and they are part of those demons who fell.

My research would indicate that they require odd physical things to maintain their physical nature such as animal parts since they actually would like to be human to "feel" and have "emotions".. They are intellectually brilliant yet cold, dark and seemingly uncaring of anything but what they desire. Originally created to be filled with light and Serve YHWH when they fell they lost their light and actually started convincing man to sacrifice each other in order to retrieve "parts“.. sick huh?.

Although they have been around as long as humanity has been on the earth they have (with discretion) made contact as it benefited them... always making the most believable claim at the time.. Back in history they claimed often to be "gods" and now they find it better to claim to be "aliens"

The "grey daemonic entities" are one of the types of fallen beings who cleverly made government contacts to get help in their quest. Realize the Bible speaks of many types of angelic Hosts and demonic beings (principalities, Powers, rulers.. Etc). The "alien" rouse began (according to some fairly reputable sources) when they made contact with NAZI leadership and whereas HIMMLER was fully aware of what they really were (Demons.. Himmler was a known Satanist and demon worshiper).. the few scientists who needed an explanation were given the cover story that Aliens have come from another world to assist the so-called "Master Race".

Humans themselves are a fallen "spirit centralized“.. (containing the very "breath of God/ eternal life") creation BUT since we are not cut-off completely we have the ability to find a way back to our Creator.. They, who wish to have eternal life to "do their own thing", realize that if they do not become "as God's greatest creation...MAN" that they shall eventually parish... hence the desperation.. Cattle mutilations and frequent abductions (to glean spare cells, parts, sperm, eggs, etc to conduct their "experiments").

As I understand this the abductions of humans are supposed to be limited by some kind of pact and they often look for individuals who live in remote areas, lack education or they feel they are people who will not be believed.. Sadly, many govt's are being duped to help them seek a way to cross breed with humans (thus gaining a soul that can be forgiven and have feelings) in exchange for their technologies.. which are ancient and amazing.

They, of course, along with a few other types of Demons, using the guise that they come from Other planets and are "Aliens" rather than the truth that they are fallen angels at war with God's plan.

Just as NAZI LEADER "HIMMLER" (Hitler was a puppet leader by the way and acted more as a spokesperson.. Himmler actually gave more orders) knew about what they really were... Certain powerful leaders are likewise aware of what is really going on.

Groups such as the Illuminati, The Brotherhood, The CIA, The Rothchilds, The Bilderburg Group, The Committee of 300, The World Trade Organization, The Masonic Order, The Skull and Bones and many other groups have elite members who openly worship Lucifer and other demonic beings... But not all members of these Orgs are in the know.. some members are even given disinformation so they can openly attest honestly that the Orgs are harmless.

Yet, Those who mention or call attention to the "real power" of these groups are silenced in some way. Most are just labeled as "Conspiracy Theorists", "Crackpots" or "Misinformed fools" and that means that even if they speak truth people just assume they are crazy or paranoid people... But, in some cases the person who could bring the truth forward is either in an unfortunate accident, goes missing and/or is killed.

Secret Societies are used because Silence is the name of the game and once in the know you are in for life. Most presidents are like Hitler and know little or maybe believe the "Alien" cover story (which in itself is supposed to be kept ABOVE Top Secret). But The Bush family, for example, is far too engrained in the power. wealth and connections for them to Not know.

Check this site:
(then use that info to actually check and verify... I like to see people actually do their own research rather than just buy what I say... It's all verifiable if you will take the time to look.. but realize, the powers that be would rather you felt it too much trouble)

Now as for the "Grey Demon's", they have a semi-physical body that is capable of dying if damaged while in full physical form... Their "conscious personality" (NOT A TRUE SPIRIT as man has spirit) simply migrates to another "body".. The intellect within has millions of years of accumulated knowledge and they are well aware of all that is possible technically and have even been involved in bringing forward knowledge of such things as Atomic Weapons development, Night Vision, Fiber Optics and many other things that originally were for military use.. Oh, how these things LOVE WAR.

Have I blown your mind yet? Do I sound like a madman? Perhaps now you think I must be a Looney.. Years ago I might have thought so myself and I guess you can see why I share this type of info very carefully. It sounds like paranoia, madness and delusional science fiction stories but it is gleaned from thousands of hours of research, prayer, cross-checking varied stories, Comparative studies and anything I could do to locate any and all info. (and of Course revelation from God to confirm that what I believe and have learned is not just a bunch of hogwash).

I never knowingly pass on a known untruth (aka LIE) and if something is later found in error will be the first to admit I was wrong and correct those who I may have inadvertently misguided. So far I have found nothing that has made what I believe to be entirely invalid and almost everyday I find yet another fact or news story that supports my findings, belief and faith.

I have one friend here on Myspace who I have checked into and his credentials and he checks out as legit.. although slanted by his own beliefs to some degree.

He was once a "CIA/Brotherhood Psy-Ops Operative" involved in "mind-control" and "disinformation" and, learning the truth about what is really going on and what he himself had been forced to do left his high position and turned on the Government to inform people of many of the things I have given you hints of here.

Yes, He unfortunately believes these beings are Aliens.. rather than demons.. but He actually claims to have had access to these beings personally. I have verified to my satisfaction that he is not mentally ill or speaking out his "you-know-what" and his validation of many of my beliefs (sometimes with more detail or correction in things like time-lines and current project status... Beware "HAARP" by the way... Google it for more info)

He is a big-time "freedom fighter" on Myspace and is trying to reveal the truth to any who will listen...(we have had some very interesting discussions)

O.K.... That's quite a bit to digest today I suppose... (You wanted some "meat" today.. well, I hope it digest well..LOL) It was nice to have someone to vent it to who is interested in such topics and who I think can handle the truth. It is not something I like to talk about too much but it's sometimes frustrating to have so much knowledge and no one to tell without appearing to need medication or being called "crazy".. Oh, I get that a lot and I actually have been evaluated by the State of Oregon and found sane.. because I wanted to make sure I wasn't just losing my mind..LOL

Just know that if any UFO's land and claim to be from another world or angels of YHWH ...DO NOT GO WITH THEM if you can help it. They DO respond adversely to the name "Jesus" when said in faith . They do not like that name WHEN BELIEVED IN BY FAITH AND CORRECTLY USED (Realize if incorrectly spoken it has no effect and some demons even take the very name Jesus as a cover to delude people into a false understanding of truth and false religious belief systems.. such as the many UFO cults).

I had one other encounter that I will hold for another time.. This one even more scary than simply seeing an unidentifiable object in the sky.

Most Christians are sadly unaware of some of these ODD realities because they never step outside their own church to view the totality of understanding.. some actually fear they could fall into error But to be educated one must take all knowledge and strain it through wisdom and Love to get to the REAL TRUTH.

I am not trying to tell anyone WHAT to think or believe.. Rather, Please take what I share and do your own checks.

Pray and seek wisdom for if you ask for a loaf of bread by faith and living in the truth of Love God will not let you fall forever into a pit of snakes (and even if you did they would not be able to destroy you and God would rescue you). Know all that is Knowable.. Learn all that is learnable. Use not the ways and teachings of men to weigh out truth from error.. use the Holy Spirit and the measure of Love.. For if what you learn does not ultimately have Love as it's base it is not truth and benefits none.


Even these demons have their reason for being allowed.

One more thing (head spinning yet...heehee...LOL)... Some ask me why there is evil.. My answer is thus: Because without an opposite of goodness and Love we cannot truly experience the choice to seek Goodness and Love... Thus Evil is the Absence of God as Darkness is the Absence of Light. For now we actually need both until all can be made perfect and THEN we will know that since we do not desire to be where God is not present we will WANT to be with him and then perfection can exist Forever Eternally... Amen?.. Amen!


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