Sunday, August 10, 2008


I enjoy the Internet a great deal and learn a lot by simply surfing and Googling but to me there is nothing quite like a BOOK.. I LOVE BOOKS!

I have quite a substantive collection and the majority are educational, reference, non-fiction, historical, spiritual and things that enlighten. I have very few novels or fictional works in my collection because my time is best spent learning TRUTH rather than just partaking in what I might refer to as a form of "literary masturbation"...

..see I want to learn things so I can teach others and few books of fiction offer any real learning opportunity (The last actual fiction I read was "THE Da vinci CODE" which I enjoyed mostly for it's interesting theories and ideas... Mostly gleaned from it's predecessor "Holy Blood, Holy Grail".

Where books are concerned I am very fortunate to live in the Portland, Oregon area because I have access to POWELL's BOOKS and if you have never heard of "Powell's" it is the LARGEST BOOKSTORE IN THE WORLD (website: ).. It is amazing how huge this place is and I have spent whole days there taking in the smell of paper and ink as I scanned for rare and unusual works

Today I want to tell you about a book I have not yet purchased but found while looking through their extensive "spiritual and religious" section.

Though written by a controversial author I was captivated by its elegance and especially by it's Introduction "The Call of The Messiahs"... As I read the words I was hooked and I must say the book is beautiful and offers some very thought provoking ideas.

The official website of the Author is likewise fascinating and though I cannot agree with everything he believes I feel there is enough information presented to make a very valid point worthy of further study.

The synopsis given at the site tells you exactly what to expect and reads as follows:

As the third millennium begins, thousands of Christians wait expectantly for the Second Coming of their messiah; but Christians are not alone. All world religions teach about the advent of a messianic figure, a savior of humankind, who will be preceded by a time of disaster and tribulation. According to many, that time is now. But, as John Hogue claims, we are in danger of misinterpreting the signs.

Prophets, popes, saints, and sinners continue to inspire and intrigue this internationally acclaimed author. In Messiahs, Hogue goes further than ever before to deconstruct established religious beliefs.

Messiahs examines and questions the many messages and messengers from every tradition in an extraordinarily fresh and insightful way. Hogue aims to turn your perception of messiahs upside down using a thought-provoking interface of text, prophecies, and cutting-edge illustrations. Messiahs is specifically designed as an evocative fusion of words and images to celebrate the apocalypse. But, as John Hogue asks: �Are we being programmed to miss the messiah again?


The Second Coming Syndrome
The Messiahs Gallery
Signs of the End Times
Counterfeit Christs
Propheganda�Programming humanity to believe in the End Times
Armageddonomics�Programming humanity to make the End Times happen
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Ordinary
The Great Paradox
The Apocalypse of the Awakened Ones
Seers� Encyclopedia

Characteristically weaving witticisms with frank discussion, Hogue provocatively sets out to rouse us from the religious dreamscape of our spiritual slumber.

Here is the link to the Book page:

So if this subject interests you I recommend taking a look at what the author has to say. You don't have to believe him entirely for this book to be beneficial and I found it one that is on my "must buy" list just as soon as I have a few extra dollars to invest.

"Know all that is knowable.. Learn all that is learn-able and weigh and measure what is truth through the Spirit of LOVE!" jesus of zion

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