Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Featured Affiliate Sponsor: RIFFTRAX (thanks Mike)

Since I have allowed Affiliate Sponsors to come on board and help support this Blog and what i do I thought it might be nice to thank our sponsors from time to time by featuring who they are and what they offer.,, because each sponsor has indeed had to approve of this Blog to be here.. that does not imply ENDORSEMENT.. Rather They have merely agreed that my Blog is suitable for their advertising.

This is different than Googletisements because I have very limited choice regarding what runs on those.. They use keywords and thus many of the religious advertisers might not agree with my content.. For example I discuss Israel and this shows up on Google and they ad an ad about "Visiting Israel" which frankly I would avoid right now... But I allow all comers and allow my readers free access.. Remember if you WANT FREEDOM AND TOLERANCE you must FIRST allow freedom and tolerance.

So you are aware we are tied into one of the foremost Affiliate Sponsor programs in the world called LINKSHARE (if you have a Blog you might wish to see if it might be something for you.. check their link out on the right and the way I found it I think God recommended this (lol.. no really).. They offer a wonderful service that connects sponsors who wish to advertise on Blogs with the Bloggers who want advertising and then I get a small portion of the purchase (varies depending on Affiliate program/advertiser).

This seems way more honest to me than begging for donations or selling books , tape sets and bobbleheaded Jesi Products..YUK.. Plus I don't have to deal with all the stocking, shipping and receiving and paperwork so I can make the BLOG BETTER instead of being a marketer..(which is something I promised Our Father I would not do).

Anyway Let me Introduce you to ONE OF OUR SPONSORS: RIFFTRAX

RiffTrax is an innovative site featuring the hilarious DVD commentaries of Michael J. Nelson - Star of the legendary Mystery Science Theater 3000!

In case you don't recall here is a brief MST3K Youtube Video:

I was tickled pink when i got these guys as my Sponsor... I have long been a big fan of MST3K and to be honored as a sponsor of the Legendary MIKE NELSON is (at least to me) a huge honor.

Go ahead and check out the site by clicking the ad at the top and if you order anything tell em JESUS sent ya!... Actually Mike would probably find that very funny.

More Sponsors are being considered and considering me so watch for future advertising from our LINKSHARE Affiliate Sponsors and know that when you click and buy from them here a portion of whatever you spend helps keep me eating while I type..LOL (realize i have lived off 1 sponsor for the past 3 years and the goal is to take some of that load off of her.. so what would Jesus SELL.. NOTHING!.. What would Jesus Buy.. anything on this Blog.

Thanks again LINKSHARE and MIKE at RIFFTRAX and also to all of you who (buy or not) come and read what I offer. you are special to me and I pray God blesses those who read these words with an extra special treat this week.. Write and tell me what happens and i will post that in another blog!


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