Sunday, August 10, 2008


(image censored)

Some of you regular readers may know that I have a rather odd view on spiritual things... I feel that humor and parody can sometimes make a more effective point than simply preaching. George Carlin and Lenny Bruce may have at times been offensive in their humor but humor is a very effective tool for transmitting an underlying truth. Yet I commend both for standing up against the evils of CENSORSHIP!

Hate does not belong in anything related to God and Hate must be called out.. Thus I posted a silly parody of what I see happening in many televangelistic campaigns.. a Video on semi-specifically pointing to a Group that inun itself uses it's freedom to promote HATE as how God sees things)

It was NOT to be taken seriously.. contained no actual nudity or profanity and was no less offensive than an episode of most any Comedy Central or mad TV bit.

It was intended only as a method of PROTEST and a way of poking some fun at someone whose hate filled messages are making the cause of Christ and Love appear evil.

Many televangelists likewise are selling religion as though the buying of a book or tape set will help open the gates of heaven and the video in the previous post was an artistic protest to this false methodology.

Yet, here again it appears somebody has either no sense of humor or took offense in some way I cannot actually grasp.. since never did the film actually promote Hate, Violence and hey guys.. It's intended as a PARADY ONLY!

Under the FIRST AMENDMENT I have the right to express myself freely and nobody is being forced to watch this video and anyone who takes offence to it needs to chill and realize it's my way of protesting and contains nothing that could not be placed on tv.

I applauded YouTube for releasing my "MySpace" video and I have faith that they will eventually unlock this one for viewing again.

Anyone who would have been offended by this must be very ignorant or guilty of what the true message of the short is... I don't know but it's also available at SHARENOW if you wish to view it before it gets unlocked and realize again.. ITS ONLY HUMOR!!!! (what is wrong with people today?, oh yes.. I know all too well)

Lighten Up.. and realize that as with the previous locked video the fact it becomes forbidden to view only makes people wish to see it all the more!


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